July 16, 2024

Born in Istanbul Turkey, to Kurdish parents, Hakan Celebi better known by he’s stage name Deamer, moved to the UK in 1995 with he’s family. Raised in South London, he started out freestyling in his neighborhood before meeting up with studio owner Jay Picasso in 2013.  Deamer started writing songs and recording, and has been an independent artist since 2014. His latest mixtape “Reimburse Me”, harbors a whopping 25 tracks and was produced by Picasso.

Deamer may not be a household name, but the UK-bred verbal hustler is steadily carving out his own legacy in the realm of music. The Kurdish MC seems to have become a pillar in the UK underground, both in its storied rap scene and the local community. Without compromising his patented brand of street philosophical raps, Deamer has managed to withstand the constantly evolving landscape in rap and maintain his position as a stalwart force in his genre.

The type of self-assuredness one needs to sustain a career like Deamer’s is evident on his new album.  With guests on 12 of the 25 tracks, “Reimburse Me” still plays out like a true solo album. Having guests is not a bad thing, as Deamer finds a way to play to the strengths of his featured artists while largely sticking to his own tried and true formula.

One of the best examples of Deamer’s ability to utilize his guests is the standout cut “On Me” ft. Conor LD. On the track, Conor LD delivers a passionate hook that serves as a perfect change of pace aside Deamer’s rapid-fire rhymes on this soulful cut. The Benny Banks-assisted “Different” is another instance of striking the right chord with Deamer playing off Bank’s style.

Deamer does an admirable job at executing the difficult balancing act even when things steer slightly out of his lane. “Livin In the Bando” certainly seems more tailored to the sensibilities of guests Big M x Mak Gambino, yet Deamer’s verses fit right alongside the crooning. “Robbery Remix” is another instance where the beat is more of Skribaveli’s speed but Deamer adjusts accordingly and makes it work brilliantly.

Unsurprisingly, the finest tracks on the album are comprised of the heartfelt and blunt content that Deamer has been known for throughout his run. The opener “Right Now”, as well as “Leave Him Alone”, “Who Cares”, “I Dont Know” and “Never” is as relatable as it gets. Deamer continues to put out quality music, but perhaps his biggest gift is uplifting the underdog through his music. Deamer can be both a conscious and a party rapper.

The problem with a lot of rap records that embrace both aural diversity and true inspiration is that they often feel lopsided. Here, that is not the case as great care was taken by Deamer to keep his soul in the gutter and his mind on his pen. “Reimburse Me” paints with a variety of different colors on a sonic canvas that finds a way to maintain a level head. Deamer is a thoughtful hip-hop artist that can hang with anyone.


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