April 19, 2024

HighRoller DP and HighRoller Don’s eccentricities are on full display on their latest banger – “Like Us”. The two young men see no need for a limit to the fun, and invite you in with familiarity, guiding you right into the consistency that follows throughout the music. The playfulness of their singles is not a mood that subsides, and continues here in full stoner-styled delight. From the first bar, you know you’re in safe hands. HighRoller DP and HighRoller Don have perfected their brand of hip-hop to the point where you can just slap it on and groove with them.

Instilled with a boil-some piano, devilish synth lines, and sizzling bass that adds more fire to the stove, you feel you’re immersed into the richly lifestyle of a dealer enjoying his wealth, rolling, and having his women alongside it. HighRoller DP and HighRoller Don stigmatize the intense energy on this seasoned excursion with their united chemistry and undoubtedly trendy lyricism throughout it.

One thing is true within rap today, and that is the concept of “turning back the clock” being used more than ever. That nostalgia is prevalent in the rap culture throughout California and stretching to the East Coast as well, focusing on the reminiscing of the golden age of rap. While awfully enjoyable in its own right, HighRoller DP and HighRoller Don are looking to move forward with their sound.

You’re welcomed to the future by the catchy piano-driven hook and bumping bass drum, echoing heavy the duo’s chemistry and ad-libs blending in together with the colorful composition. They are about their money and their dope and that much is clearly evident. But they know what they’re good at, and what they’re good at, they’re really good at. “Like Us” is a welcome with open arms to what the future of rap brings.

HighRoller DP and HighRoller Don are undoubtedly at the forefront of their niche; simultaneously defining their genre and pushing it forward to such an extent that it will become impossible for the party hip-hop culture to ignore.

The have ear-worm hooks, exaggerated delivery, and an ability to flow well over mammoth beats. And each member has a plethora of bars that showcase their abilities to the fullest. HighRoller DP and HighRoller Don deliver what they do best, in spades. If we had to sum them up in 3 words it would be:  “They bang hard!”


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