July 13, 2024

A total creative, Mikibo is a hip hop artist and producer from Tbilisi, Georgia, whose activities also include being a graphic designer and animator. Capable of conversing in English, German, Russian and his native Georgian Mikibo’s latest musical release is the single, “Freedom”. His flow is direct and intense, a sort of unraveling that feels urgent and precise. It puts Mikibo in a position where his words carry a fantastic amount of weight to them, pushing them up to the forefront of his equally boisterous productions. As a producer first, this will seem to have listeners at odds with how to approach Mikibo. Somewhere, much like Kanye West, it is written that Mikibo at his best is a good rapper, but an even better producer.

Having said that, his honesty is refreshing and his trap-rap delivery is unique enough. When you do fire this single up, you’ll hear a lot of sounds you’ll love, and a lot of ideas you’ll truly appreciate. Mikibo’s discography is a timeline of his musical evolution, and “Freedom” references its peak.

His instrumental use has become so fleshed out, the production complements the raps instead of overpowering them. It’s as if, the artist is finally coming to understand why he makes music, and that revelation has allowed him to expand his sound without losing any of his personal flavor.

What follows throughout the single is an extension of that newfound purpose. The song breaks free from the confines of simple trap while still maintaining the signature essence of its style. The traditional production tools are being used to create brand new styles, and Mikibo is at the forefront of innovation.

A couple of keyboard strokes and an insistent drumbeat help paint a more vivid picture, as Mikibo’s effects-tinged voice sings the heartfelt chorus: “I’m in the mountains, lounging / This silence, took my way / Tell my brother I’m leaving / I found freedom too far away. Tell my brother that I’m leaving / I ain’t never coming home again.”

“Freedom” sounds like an artist who has found his place along the sonic spectrum. The track never confines itself, consistently surprising you with varied vibrancy. This track could be seen as a statement from Mikibo: no longer is he just a graphic and visual artist, but is cementing his claim as a musical artist and producer, seemingly focused around maintaining a musical legitimacy in his rhymes and beats.


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