June 20, 2024

‘Koolaid’, a single track off of the second album ‘Orbit Altitude’ (coming 2018) by eclectic artist DaSkeeT (aka Roscoe Hanner). The track features A-Mike the Atypical and is all about having a good time and chilling – ‘koolaidin’ as the project creators like to call it. This release follows the critically acclaimed 15 track album entitled “Blast Off”, dropped last year. DaSkeeT lost none of his earworm as this new track brings to the table all the qualities that made the last album so enjoyable. One of the biggest takeaways from listening to “Koolaid” ft. A-Mike the Atypical is how strong DaSkeeT is when he’s collaborating with other artists. He has a knack for manipulating his style and molding it so it works most effectively with his feature. Examples of this are sprinkled throughout the duration of the single’s runtime.

It can be easy to forget that DaSkeeT can go toe to toe with some of today’s best rappers with a style that is almost underwhelming. He never shouts or is all over your face, instead he has a laidback flow on “Koolaid” that goes just above a whisper, yet is one hundred percent effective in bringing across the chilled vibes and expansive groove of the song. With the right push this track could be at least a moderate hit for the close of summertime.

“Koolaid” ft. A-Mike the Atypical also demonstrates that DaSkeeT is more than capable of crafting songs that will stick in your head for days on end. He also proves to be one of the most underrated in the rap game when it comes to weaving catchy melodies into lyrical raps.

On this track, DaSkeeT has strong views, strong theories, but even stronger music. It acts as another exciting chapter to the novel of his growing discography. From this track you really get the impression that DaSkeeT has now come into his own with his music and identity in hip hop.

Depending on where you’re coming from, this may, or may not be the best track you’ve heard this year, but it’s a dynamic, and solid effort either way. It won’t even require more than one listen to entrance your ears, and overall, it’s definitely some easy listening.

It will take you from your emotional lows to some groovy highs with a carefully balanced mix that thumps and impresses with its confidence. The track is also backed by an excellently produced video which perfectly captures the song’s narrative. “Koolaid” by DaSkeeT ft. A-Mike the Atypical, is definitely something you shouldn’t be sleeping on.


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