June 20, 2024

TAY 3 is an up and coming rapper based in Atlanta, Georgia. His interest in music started at the age of 7, when his parents encouraged him to play instruments in the local church. However, TAY 3 later found his way into “street life” as an adolescent, due to his environment. It wasn’t until his older step brother got shot and killed that TAY 3 decided he wanted to do something more positive with his life. He began recording his music at the age of 15 and has continued to perfect his sound. His debut release, “Bottles” ft. B.E.N.Q Savage & Quavogotti, can be found on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and other major digital download sites.

The track is a strong mission statement, as TAY 3 proves himself a master of economy and atmosphere. The beat has corralled together, more than just a mere embryonic vision of a future, ruminative take on trap music.  The result is something to behold. In its sonic specificity and imaginativeness “Bottles” ft. B.E.N.Q Savage & Quavogotti makes for a direct aim at a crossover hit with the same inspired flights of stylistic fancy that have characterized the often imaginative hit trap releases over the past two years.

The synths are presented as flexible things–sometimes intimate and dry, sometimes fed through more weird effects chains than the hi-hats spluttering on top of them. They can either be salves accommodating emotional honesty or the sound of unadulterated relaxation.

But even when the hooks on “Bottles” ft. B.E.N.Q Savage & Quavogotti are startlingly symmetrical and intelligible, the verses still remind us that TAY 3 has a convincing flow and narrative. On this track, TAY 3 finds a way to highlight every element of his artistry that fans may find compelling: an organizational feat in itself, evidencing the tighter sense of discipline at work here.

“Bottles” ft. B.E.N.Q Savage & Quavogotti suggests that TAY 3 is an artist with a long career ahead of him, one whose bag of tricks has just been opened to the public, and one that may never run out as long as he continues to showcase his uncompromising identity within his pop-oriented song forms. Whether he sings or raps, his vocal texture and cadence share a melodic similarity that makes it easy for listeners notice.

The emotions run high, the focus is maintained, and the record holds its personal distinction that, again, makes it easy for fans to get into. In the end, everything on this debut is positive. TAY 3 delivers a good project that evokes feelings of satisfaction and the desire to spin it a second time.


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