July 18, 2024

Assigning Sophis to a specific genre isn’t particularly a simple task to fulfill. This Haitian born Singer-songwriter started performing in the Bay Area in 2005 mixes elements of Tropical, Pop and R&B to form the groovy dance sound on his latest track “Let’s Get Down”. The secret sauce here is definitely chord simplicity, showcasing easy-going vibes through a chill tempo, soft instruments, and a fluid vocal melody. Moreover, Sophis has his own style, turning this dance vibe into a sun kissed masterpiece.

The track opening is like a sun rising. Warm, rich and filled with light, as it combines perfectly balanced tempo, instrumentation, backing vocals and lyrical delivery with a hook-line that has you smiling and singing along in no time. Paying his respect to any real woman out there, this song follows an innovative rhythmic pattern, this innovation being one of the factors that make this whole production so exceptional.

Make sure you close your eyes and listen to the music behind Sophis’ commanding voice – the little sonic surprises in instrumentation and rhythm construction are well worth your repeated attention.

Whether it is the rolling thunder in the harmonies or the elusive twinkling piano lines, the production team really did a great job arranging and producing this track, using a mix of electronic and live instrumentation in the recording. 2017 has been good to us so far, showering us with high-quality sonic blessings, and this is another one of them.

“Let’s Get Down” is another massive listening experience that floats toward our souls like a golden leaf in the autumn wind. I imagine that Sophis has not rushed this single, as the patience with which he has crafted this extraordinary release can be heard in every one of the musical bars.

And oh, this vocal delivery. I mean, by now we are well acquainted with Sophis’ artistry from previous release, but the single “Let’s Get Down” sets new standards, adding a sensual roundness to the artist’s voice. Apart from the singing, the underlying music is a piece of art on its own, with producer, instrumentalist and composer Tal Ariel providing multiple layers of fascination, making this song one of several stand-out tracks by Sophis.

“Let’s Get Down” keeps every promise made with both its resonant title, the beautiful artwork and the artist behind it. Sophis has delivered a record that is worthy of the name he is busy establishing for himself, a name that enriches this year with joy, melody, rhythm and message.


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