May 11, 2024

From the Northwest Hip-Hop scene comes the multi-talented RXN who rap, produces and often makes his own beats, apart from his other interests which include acting and web-design. Based out of Eugene, the hard-working RXN has recently dropped his 7 track EP entitled “Pieces Of Me”. If you plan on making it in this industry then you need to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, and RXN has definitely done that on this recording. He sounds ready to become a force to reckon with in the alternative hip-hop scene, bringing forth a unique form of energy into a land where every second rapper sounds like the first; and this EP deserves to be on your playlist for just that reason.

From the opening track, “Creating A Monster” ft. Brian Keast, RXN does exactly what you’d expect from a free-spirited underground artist as he set offs the EP with a song enticing enough to make you want to hear more. A basic flow is held for the most part of the verses and while the complexity is restrained just enough for the masses to grasp, but it still holds a strong alternative sound.

Next up we run into a song that seems a lot more fitting to the unique styles that RXN owns in “Y’all Ready Know”. The Eugene rapper shines over this beat that seems to have been crafted by the gods just for his use. It’s really more complex on the lyricism perspective and definitely another unique brand of sound that RXN so easily plays with in his songs.

Which brings us to one of the strongest songs on the whole recording; “God Willing” ft. Roox, this is the first display of RXN’s matured flow blended with a healthy dose of melody and a monster hook. With a beat that sits so perfectly behind the words, the back and forth lyrical style leading up to the catchy chorus works terrifically well.

Another standout, is without doubt, “Idols”. RXN definitely brings his game on this song, the rhyme scheme is impenetrable and the lyrical substance is even stronger with its philosophical lexicon.

“Close To The Edge” ft. Spencer Breidenback and Brian Keast, is another display of chopper flows and high-energy aggressive verses. You can easily tell by this point just how great and unforgiving the chemistry between all involved here in this track is. As “H.Y.L.M.N” kicks in, you hear RXN spit with a fast yet relaxed, harmonized sound over one of the more eclectic beats on the entire EP.

After hearing this track you get the sensation in your mind that this guy is definitely getting ready to go places. “Through The Fire” ft. Katie Mcintosh and Brian Keast, the last track of the EP, is the greatest flow wise as RXN rhymes over the top of a cinematic production that works splendidly to the chopper style portrayed here. The verses are flawless and Mcintosh delivers a perfect and powerful hook to bathe your ears in.

The EP, “Pieces Of Me”,  is hands down phenomenal. You will not find yourself skipping any songs.


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