July 21, 2024

Boston, Massachusetts based singer and songwriter Tiago who debuted with the single “Diosa” is now back with his latest release, “Gravity”. The track is brimming with clean sounds, melodic vocals and basslines tactfully chosen to make you shake your backside. It’s all crisp, catchy verses and carefully maneuvered build-ups with a belting push behind the choruses. This is Deep House influenced EDM with a summery twitch of throbbing bass and Pop hooks. It’s moving but not forced, pressing but not pushy, and it’s not cheesy, this is where house music is going when it crosses boundaries.

Nothing is compromised, “Gravity” just oozes the work of a soulful vocalist whilst maintaining a groovy punch, filled with saxophone interludes. The real appeal of Tiago’s music is it requires no pre-listening before you are singing along to the tune and moving your body as if you have heard it all before.

Possibly it’s the focus of definition which makes this track work: instead of putting things into all too familiar genre boxes, it contains seeds of something refreshing that reminds us of a time when we let the power of the beat work us into a musical frenzy while the vocal melody soothed our souls.

Tiago creates an atmosphere of immense sonic detail and instrumental nuance which slowly unveils its complexity. The immersive sound comes rippling out across the track’s nearly 5 minutes from its initial core of sparking tones and lustrous saxophone bursts into an open-vista of EDM excursions.

The song emphasizes Tiago’s patient shape-shifting, the way he progresses, change or shifts through the song’s moods by slowly filtering in new instruments and subtle melodic sub currents. His resonant voice warming towards the instrumental heat, slowly coalescing from scattered parts and individual components into a swell of cohesive sound.

“Gravity” offers more to sink your teeth into, beginning with the chunky groove that slides from side to side and gradually unfurling a simple, but highly effective rhythm. With a syncopated thump, pleasingly emotive synth lines and an alone-in-a-room male vocal line, it fits Taigo’s profile perfectly.

Imagining this as every third song on the radio doesn’t seem like such a stretch either, with its purposeful, gleaming melody. Powerful basslines tend to divide opinion, but when they’re delivered this well they can be irresistible, purposefully barraging onwards while Tiago’s yearning vocal does its very best to make you dangerously weak at the knees.


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