April 13, 2024

After months of work in Upstate NY recording studios, Young Prophet announces the release of his debut album entitled “Saturday Morning”. The week of 11-20 the album has worldwide digital distribution, and can be found on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon mp3, Google Play and more. In addition, download and streaming is available at limited bitrates free of charge at TheYoungProphet.com and Soundcloud.com/the-youngprophet. From the same album, comes Young Prophet’s single release “I-Boogieman” plus two bonus tracks “Stay” and “Poetic”.

So let’s get the obvious positives of this release out of the way, and most of that focuses on Young Prophet himself. I like this guy as an MC in terms of his technical flow and structuring of his rhymes, and with his debut album he steadily shows flexibility that probably isn’t too reminiscent of his influences.

He’s got a level of immediacy and intensity in his bars that’s really hard to ignore while still maintaining a fair amount of cleverness. His rapping is done with enough heartfelt punch and can definitely hold their own in terms of structured and focused bars, to the point where I’m genuinely surprised at his age.

Add to Young Prophet’s credit, the choice of production work, and beats which perfectly fit his rapping and lyrical themes. The album apparently features collaboration from several music producers across the US, whose credits include Eminem, Drake, Snoop Dogg and more.

Which obviously explains the quality of the beats. But good beats alone won’t certify a rapper’s potential, they needs to bring their own personal skillset to the table. And that’s exactly what Young Prophet does on “I-Boogieman”. He brings the flow, he brings the rhymes, and he injects it with edgy atmosphere and darkened drama. Resulting in a cinematic experience.

Young Prophet is one of the more surprising and better young rappers around. Moreover his voice is conducive to constant listening, and he sounds like he is honest and never afraid to say just about anything on his mind.

Some of the lyrics are dark and disillusioned, but Young Prophet’s earnestness make listening to him an enjoyable experience, especially on the bonus track “Stay” – which is both a heartfelt, outward plea and a reflective look inwards. Again, the lyrical integrity surprising, considering this is a young rapper on his debut.

Musically speaking, Young Prophet has a good ear for production, but there can be no doubt that fans will focus on his lyricism, wit, and verbal shreddings. As this is what ultimately defines and distinguishes one artist from another.

Based on “I-Boogieman”, plus the two bonus tracks “Stay” and “Poetic”, it’s clear that Young Prophet’s talent as a rapper will hardly be called into question. There’s enough here to keep new-generation hip-hop fans satisfied, while solidifying himself as a serious threat to be reckoned with.


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