June 24, 2024

Born on the tropical island of Curacao and now living in the Netherlands, Leandro Huerta aka De La Huerta is a music producer, songwriter and performing artist. His music reflects his roots, which are drawn from Dutch, African, Spanish and Indian influences. Leandro’s latest release is the EP, “TRAP LIVE HOTEL”, where he sings and raps, both in English and Spanish in true autotuned trap style. Incorrigible and unchanging, Leandro Huerta does what trap has been doing for the last few years. But what he does is pure and eternal. He laments. He cuts in. He scores.

Leandro’s inventive beats sound like they were forged in an industrial and R&B yard, smooth flows reminiscent of a well-oiled gun with an endless clip.  You’re either a De La Huerta fan or you’re not yet one, and if you fall in the latter camp this may just sway you. That means he is easy to appreciate objectively – a one man tour-de-force that can churn out a project with almost no features ( except himself and Jeff Viomar) that doesn’t sag once.

“Subeme La Radio (feat. De La Huerta)” hits hard and has an airy, godly keyboard above the hi-hats. It’s is an opener that also proves an instant battle cry, and “Drunk in This Place (feat. De La Huerta)” is a welcome swerve into intoxicating sentimentality. Trap and Leandro Huerta might not be for everyone, but there are artists out there that haven’t made music that slaps like this in their whole career, never mind on one recording. Leandro does it on every cut of “TRAP LIVE HOTEL”.

 On “Como El Infierno (feat. Jeff Viomar & De La Huerta)” Leandro Huerta grabs a trap beat, and he wraps a romantic tale into his unique flow with a smooth simplicity, as if this is something he could do every day if he wanted to.

He probably could. From electronic, head-bobbing beats to the heavy-hitting background bass, Leandro Huerta delivers the expected interplay of familiar sounds along with new melodic flows. The artist composes sounds that are strong and vigorous with contrasting velvety vibes, making anthems like “Dime (feat. De La Huerta)” and      “BabyDoll Live (feat. De La Huerta)” standout.

Go for a drive when you’re ready to plug these tracks in. You’ll want the windows down and the bass turned all the way up. With more swagger-jackers on the rap scene, this trap trailblazer has to stay relevant in a time where hit projects will jam for a few weeks and fade as quickly as they showed up.

The Spanish language will of course keep you glued to the pieces as you work out the lyrics.  Leandro Huerta takes his listeners on a roller-coaster ride of mesmerizing beats and smooth feelings, leaving you on the lookout for his next project already.

Leandro Huerta does what he does best on “Spread Kindness (feat. De La Huerta)” where he takes the spacey keyboard chords and subtle drum beat and makes it his. Showing he has a tenuous grasp on modernity, with his distinctive rap style allied to a cutting-edge minimal beat. Simply put, Leandro has delivered an earnest and wholesomely candid EP that makes a compelling listen!


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