July 13, 2024

An American born in Seoul, South Korea, then raised within a multi-racial family in Miami, FL, Eha Rouge is a precocious artist who began using FL Studio at the age of 13. Eha has been known to blend elements of Electronic, Trap, Dance, Hip Hop, Classical, Jazz, and Latin into one single track. He is also prone to affront controversial subjects, as he does on his latest track, “No Oil Please”.  Eha explains that: “The song ‘No Oil Please’ is a track to bring awareness to an ongoing problem of drilling into the Earth for oil, and not thinking of greener and smarter ways to save our planet’s resources. This is why the artwork depicts oil on the beach waters. (Gulf of Mexico spill).”

“No Oil Please” brings listeners on a cinematic journey with a dark twist. The track’s sound is emotion-driven and dives deep into the concept of futurism. Embracing the idea of various genres coming together, Eha Rouge combines ethnic, Middle-Eastern-styled chants, electro banging bass, tribal-styled percussion, as well as subtle trap and dubstep influences.

While the sound blending never causes a disconnect, all of the elements here are united by the single’s theme – by means of darker tones, voice-overs and sounds that you might expect to hear in a bleaker and angrier future.

Much like the beginning of a travelling documentary, the ethereal chanting voices introduces the concept. As if we were opening a window to another world, a thumping percussive beat quickly takes listeners through an imaginary portal.

Intermittent bass sounds and synth twists set the scene for this rage of a track. The mood quickly transitions to a more energetic one as the bass becomes more intense, and more insistent. The synths also expand and unfold while the voices increase their range on the sonic spectrum.

“No Oil Please” meets a drop and build that hops and skips to a place reminiscent of Electro and Dubstep. Throughout, the track keeps the pace and as well as the earthy world-music vibe steady, by means of the rollicking percussion and chanting voices.

This is a track that will garner a lot of attention from listeners curious to see what all these crossover elements sound like. Eha Rouge will leave listeners in a state of possible awe, or pondering – in regards to the otherworldly experience this track offers. He has crafted a song that completely embodies a universal cry out for the “No Oil Please” theme.


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