July 19, 2024

Tracie Weaver, AKA Lette, was born and raised on the Westside of Atlanta and always dreamed of becoming a rapper, singer, and songwriter. She attended Southern Polytechnic State University for Computer Engineering, but life circumstances took a toll on her success, and she ended up in the army. She however never succumbed to her troubled life and overcame her anger. She has learned to not let her problems get the better of her, and channels her frustrations and issues through her music. Lette has just released her single “Pain” [Prod. by Brent], while she has the mixtape “Clouded Judgement” coming out soon.

“Pain” gets started with a serious bang, thanks to an energetic piano intro. Before Lette even gets the party started, the punch, the oomph, the vibe – is established.  Expectedly, she brings the heat.  Lette has an excellent flow, not to mention an ideal girlie tone of voice that’s perfectly suited to spitting her bars.

In addition to those bars, she masterfully incorporates some sing-song vocals during the song.  Her main attraction vocally, comes on the chorus.  Simply put, the chorus is da bomb.  Lette blesses the chorus with her vocals, and it’s groovy to the ninth degree.

The Atlanta rapper has this one-of-a-kind style of delivery quite unlike any other femcee in the game right now. While most of them are dropping hiccup lines, she gives up her verses like an effortless stream flowing down a riverbank. Attention everyone, Lette has arrived and is here to stay.

It’s also obvious the lyricist has selected a beat to match her unique inflection. She makes it all look so easy and straightforward, and I absolutely love her confidence and how she doesn’t try to fit in. She seamlessly displays her capability of rapping and singing without it being overkill.

“Pain” [Prod. by Brent] is a good introduction to what Tracie Weaver, AKA Lette has to offer, especially for those who have never heard her before. People will obviously attempt to compare her to other women rappers, but there’s honestly no comparison.

So far, Lette is in a lane of her own and can go toe-to-toe with her counterparts and peers. From her image to her content, she is refreshing. Most of the time, her cute and stretchy voice is spread atop an oozing, bass heavy production by Brent that captures all of her talent.


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