April 19, 2024

Leonardo Cavalli aka King Cavalli, is an author, singer, motivational speaker, Love & Life Coach, as well as an actor based out of NY. His book is entitled “24 & Divorced” (available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Kindle) and the songs from his upcoming EP “Ocean of Emotions” go along with the book. The single “4am”, which comes from the aforementioned recording, was written after Cavalli and his ex, separated.  He says that he found himself waking up in the middle of the night – every night – for years, in anxious fits of rage. “I would wake up around 4am,” says Cavalli, “and just get flooded with panic and confusion…”

King Cavalli indulges fans with his smooth R&B/Souls style and vocals, powered with his heartfelt theme of love lost. Throughout the track, Cavalli expresses his feelings on finding and losing true love and the devastating effects those processes can have on a heart that won’t mend.

He delivers a much more mature sound which fans will be appreciative of, as he accounts his fair share of heartbreak and the ups and downs of his personal story, making the song relatable to many who have experienced the same – male or female.

Like his past and present peers, the sound of King Cavalli is both vintage and timeless, polished yet passionate. Anyone can declare themselves as anything these days, but this NY based artist has the skillset and the emotional struggles to prove it.

Some artists are doing the bare minimum to get by, and others are chasing the trends to top the charts, but King Cavalli is a performer who brings his own heart and soul, pouring its raw essence into his new release.

And when one delivers that kind of honesty for all to behold, they’ve evolved beyond merely singing. At that juncture, the artist in question becomes a point of comparison, an archetype for most, and a mirror for a generation.

It’s not an easy plight for artists working on their own budgets these days, to capture versatility and sophistication in an age where recycled, thoughtless, so called ‘artistic expressions’ are all too often the rage.

A fully independent artist, King Cavalli is a commendable representation of what talents a writer and performer needs to bring to the table to achieve any kind of credibility, as the tender dynamics of his vocals float effortlessly over the chilled-out groove on “4am”.

Note: For book for interviews, college marriage seminars or shows Cavalli can be reached at (612) 747-7782


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