July 23, 2024

Recording artist, actress and TV personality, Keldamuzik, has toured internationally with R&B singer Lloyd, Kid Ink, and Jah Cure. Songs from her 4 albums have featured on MTV’s “Real World” and Oxygen channel’s “Bad Girls Club”. “Weight Up,” was featured in Sony Entertainment’s film, “Please Give,” starring Amanda Peet, while “Thirsty remained at number one for five weeks on KISS FM charts in Melbourne, Australia. We recently grabbed a listen to 2 of the lady’s popular tracks, namely, “That’s Why” and “Queen For A Night”.  And here’s what I love most about Keldamuzik: Her crass, brash, no-holds-barred, sassy female with the skills to back her swagger, without purposely pandering to the masses- style.

“That’s Why”, showcases the engrossingly simple and confident spunk of Keldamuzik via her perfected hashtag rap style. Her approach and delivery is refreshingly frantic and fierce. While “Queen For A Night” elaborates her impressive and cutesy rhyming vein in a Cinderella inspired tale.

The rap game has always been a black man’s game. And while rap is widely accepted amongst the urban African-American community, women are often not easily accepted into the genre. In the earlier days quasi-successful female artists like Trina, Missy Elliot, and Lil Kim propagated the widely believed stereotype that female rappers talked about: how great they are, how they’re a ‘boss’, do drugs, have money, and are willing to have sex all the while having little-to-no skills as musicians, let alone rappers.

But with the coming of the modern musical era, new female rappers shatter the assumption that previously resounded true. Keldamuzik, is capable of turning heads with not only her good looks, but her skills as a rapper.

In addition to being skilled in her craft, the beats to accompany Keldamuzik more often than not fit her flow and personality. As it does on “Queen Of The Night”, showcasing her flowing abilities nicely.

The push-the-pace, clap beats are the ones she handles best, displaying a sick, free-as-a-bird flow while delivering some slick lyrics. Keldamuzik has the ability to slow it down or speed it up, depending on the instrumentals. In hip-hop, losing your hunger is the cardinal sin. Something Keldamuzik doesn’t seem to have done yet, considering the amount of releases and projects she has to her name.

She proves on these songs to be as fearsome and exciting as she has been on her first songs. It’s a weird, gendered burden, but it’s 2017, and men no longer hold provenance over rap. We have options.

For the first time since maybe the early 2000s, music is flush with women who have different perspectives and are skilled rappers: Tink, Gangsta Boo, Trina, Remy Ma, Angel Haze, Azealia Banks, Princess Nokia, and I’m forgetting a whole long list of others, but hey, I’m not forgetting Keldamuzik, she’s on my speakers right now!


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