July 13, 2024

Sebastian Azul is a songwriter and producer from England (UK). Azul writes and produces his own songs, hiring session singers to perform to perform on them. An independent artist who speaks three languages, Sebastian Azul has been doing music technology and writing since he was 21. He took a break when he became a father, only to later discover that his 9 year old son was affected by Tourette’s & ADHD.

Azul decided to support his son by raising awareness, voicing his opinions, his struggles and to tell the world what is like to have neurological disorder.

Website: www.awarenessispower.co.uk
Twitter: @SebastianAzul07

Sebastian Azul is on radio rotation with the tracks:

Artist Name: Sebastian Azul
Song Name: Without You I can’t Breathe
iTunes buy link https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/without-you-i-cant-breathe/1278306892?i=1278306901

Artist Name: Sebastian Azul
Song Name: Pass the Mic (If you wanna know) RELOADED

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