July 19, 2024

Ro.Sams is a poet, rapper, producer, from Philadelphia P.A. He is best known for his mixture of jazz, and hip hop. His latest track “Last Dayz” (Prod by T. Barber), sounds like a huge step forward from for the artist, eschewing a lot of the misogyny and sing song delivery that can be found throughout the industry right now, instead coming through in a slow, steady, and strong flow that will serve as the foundation for the rest of the artist’s career. And if you look at Ro.Sams track record, he’s a perfect messenger.

Through his songs, which may at first may simply sound laid back and smooth Ro.Sams subtly provides biting social commentary in the form of song – delivering needed truths about life, love, politics and social affairs and how they all intersect with the black experience.

Since its inception, hip-hop culture has expressed the struggles, thoughts, fears and celebrations of Black and Latino communities, achieving a sense of unity amongst different corners of society. Without ranting or raving, he makes it a focal point of his music, as this perspective is powerfully evident in Ro.Sams’ songwriting.

Ro.Sams is at his best when he is getting introspective. Which is why “Last Dayz” (Prod by T. Barber) is among his finest moments. Treating the single as a palate to paint a work of art, Ro.Sams creates words and rhymes reflecting his own self in this recording. This isn’t just a song meant for casual listening, but also to be absorbed so that you can truly recognize life’s bigger pictures through another man’s eyes.


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