July 16, 2024

Hudson Falls, New York artist, Brett Bull, is currently working on his first full length studio album alongside Grammy nominated producer Bryan “BL” Lamontagne who is based out of Danvers, Massachusetts.  The single “Hit the Strip”, engineered by Lamontagne and produced by beat-maker OGE Beats, has recently been picked up by influential Hollywood Television/Film catalog – Crucial Music Corporation. Brett has also trademarked his own clothing line, called “Classy as California”, which has an official website coming out this year.

All in all, “Hit the Strip” is a solid release, and gives Hip-hop fans what they want to hear. The track shows how to master the art of lyricism while bring a banging vibe along with it. The production reflects a coming and suits the feel of the song perfectly.

There’s a fiery twist in Brett Bull’s cadence that puts power behind every word. He raps with the same ferocity as the preachers condemning the roots of evil, and the conviction in his voice rivals that of the pundits making their thoughts heard.

There’s a reason Brett will managed to carve out a career in the game – he’s a dedicated, determined emcee who pours oceans of energy into every syllable. Knowing that an electrifying delivery alone does not always guarantee perfect verses, the lyrical content of Brett Bull’s bars measure up to his big voice, and the song’s melodic hooks.

As far as the beat go, OGE Beats’ instrumental brings more adrenalin-pumping heat. The song structure takes inspiration from an old-school style, as the beat selects a powerful bass motif serving as a soap box upon which Brett Bull can roll out his rhymes.

This classic pattern of hip-hop structure has proven its worth on some of the genre’s greatest hits, and accordingly, OGE Beats’ production, matches the blend of both aggressive and melodic atmospheres of the narrative. There’s fantastic ambition here that’s pulled forward at every turn by the lively lyricism and banging instrumental. It’s a collection of musical diamonds sprouting out from the massive rough of ideas and intention.

“Hit the Strip” is a chest-thumping, muscle-flexing track full of bravado and a strong enough effort that it cannot be overlooked. It’s a clear chance for Brett Bull to show he’s a force to be reckoned with. His commanding delivery and razor-sharp verses will be accepted by an ever increasing fan base of rap aficionados that want an alternative to the noise that rap music has permanently become.


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