June 20, 2024

JA_X_SON was born and raised in northern Virginia. He has been rapping and recording since he was 18. Music is more of just a hobby at this point because he works full time on a family farm but he eventually wants to do shows and tour. Spreading awareness of sustainable agriculture and healthy living is the artist’s main goal. On the surface, JA_X_SON has the commodities to make a more than decent hip-hop record: impressive instrumentals, rapid flow, and a presumed topical concept. As you dig deeper into the emcee’s latest offering, you’ll find that the execution of his latest track, “Trash” produced by Luke White is even more remarkable. Most fans can testify that JA_X_SON is a huge advocate of positivity in hip-hop culture today.

JA_X_SON also references his anxiety, battles and concern with ecological sustainability. The Virginia rapper has all of the metrics to justify being considered a finer lyricist. However, he has his eyes set on more than mere greatness within the realm of hip-hop, opting to turn his attention to provide a voice for the planet and conflicted.

“Trash” finds JA_X_SON looking inward as well as outward, reconciling his feelings about our current state of being, the rapper is not hesitant to reveal the inner workings of his mind, his view of the world and his place in it.

“Trash” is a triumphant introductory cut, to this artist’s skill-set, and sees JA_X_SON giving thanks for all of the blessings bestowed upon us, and then condemns what we do with them, all the while setting the bar high, both lyrically and musically.

However, he manages not to wilt beneath the hefty consciousness he carries on his shoulder, as the quality of his individual performance elevates, the deeper listeners get into the heart of his discourse.

The beat and the hook gives “Trash” additional character and flavor, but not at the expense of JA_X_SON ability to capture the listener’s attention with his rhymes, a mission he accomplishes throughout.

Complete with unbridled lyricism, top-notch production and conceptual brilliance to tie it all together, “Trash” can almost be considered a hallmark release in the underground, one that will solidify JA_X_SON’s up and coming stance in hip-hop.

In essence JA_X_SON comes across as a conceptual artist, one who picks up an a basic angle, and begins to build on it until it becomes not just an idea, but a living, breathing, communicative, piece of ongoing  art.

That’s probably how he will continue creating his conscious music, moving forward, with singles and mixtapes rushing out of the Virginia native like he has no chill. He is another one of Hip-hop’s underdogs, who makes music with a mind and soul.


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