April 19, 2024

JFK is an extremely gifted artist pushing the envelope of possibilities through distinct musical innovation. He was born on July 29, 1981 in Brooklyn, New York – An event that certified his stomping grounds as a launching post towards his impressive career into the upper echelons of the music industry until relocating in Miami, Florida. He started incessantly visiting record stores as a music enthusiast to craft his style paying significant homage to rap legends that preceded him. Over the years this signature style was maneuvered into an authentic creative artistry that meshed several different approaches into one cohesive rhyming method.

This ambitious journey was unequivocally halted when JFK was incarcerated in 2000 where he had to start from bare bottom tactics to market his name back on the streets upon his release in 2005. However, retrospectively he claims his jail sentence cultivated his music in a more meaningful manner provided more opportunities to hone his image with fortitude. This sense of optimistic resilience manifested in the creation of a top contending independent record label by the name of Flo Runnaz where he could truly convey creative expression with no limitations or strings attached by executives.

JFK later coined the subcategory “Electroflo” that reinforces his unique faculties as a multifaceted MC with the unprecedented musical aptitude. Fast forward to 2017 – JFK possesses a hybrid approach to his music that remains authentic to his overall vision of a self-motivated prodigy navigating through the epitomes of the ever-changing music industry. The unprecedented polygonal skillsets of this artist are not to be discounted as they fortify a pioneering approach towards production that is revolutionizing the music itself while providing different avenues of amalgamation. JFK’s perfectionist defiance towards His music resonates a relentless pursuit towards perfecting himself as a musician while enlightening current and aspiring musical audiences.

An inherent passion and drive to innovate timeless music is clearly an important facet that JFK strives for to coalesce music heads across the spectrum. He embodies the independent wave of musicians changing the history of music veering towards true talent that cannot be manufactured or reproduced by inferior subsets. His courage to move against the tide towards endless potentials sets his mission apart from others. This illustrates JFK’s resilience and grit in the music industry

JFK is on radio rotation with the track, “I Just Wanna Party”

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