July 18, 2024

Born and raised as an orphan in the Democratic Republic of Congo, TRES experienced life between hostels and the streets observing the pain, degrade and violence that plagued the community. It was a situation he dreamed of changing. At the age of nine he discovered he could sing, and realized that it was what he wanted to do. Circumstances of course, forced him to up and leave his homeland, at the age of sixteen, in search of better opportunities. In 2009, an unexpected opportunity materialized when TRES found himself performing in front of Prince William at the Centerpoint Hostel. It was a haphazard performance but enough to impress the prince, who invited TRES to perform again at Clarence House. The occasion afforded the artist appearances on the Nelson’s show, Sky News and This Morning. In 2010 he signed his first record deal with Roundhouse Records. He subsequently supported The Black Keys and earned a nomination as Best Male UK based Afro/Caribbean Act of 2010 at the BEFFTA Awards.

As his ambitions grow, TRES continues to work his craft, collaborate with world renowned songwriters and record new music. The latest in line, being his potential smash dance single remix of “Looking for Love”.  Bucking the EDM trend of soulful singer meets banging beats, TRES delivers the goods on this release which sparkles with Tropical House good vibes, and an undercurrent of Dancehall groove.

A blend of bass synth riffs, pounding electro chords that highlight the catchy melody and all too powerful vocals, along with perfect timings for the dominant drops and big build up, this track is infectious in all aspects.

Right from the outset of “Looking for Love”, it becomes clear that the song is immediately ruled by TRES’ gratifying vocals which pushes the track’s emotional quotient and enjoyment factor onto a higher plane. With both a festival and dance floor orientated outlook, this song is definite to hit the nail.

Though the melody remains constantly dominant, the track is retouched with an electrifying remixing style and flair. The intensity escalates, the beat catches fire, and the listener is swooned away by the big room style, with the twist of a thumping bassline. If you’re looking for an emotionally uplifting track, “Looking for Love” might be your calling.

With the song completely defining the versatility and passion that TRES brings with himself, it is hard to deny that this track is downright interesting, above being downright danceable. I think his vocals are a perfect fit for this song; he’s got a rugged sound and it fits in nicely with the glossy, crystalline sound of “Looking for Love”.

Does it have the potential to the best dance track of the year? We don’t know yet, being this early into 2018, but it’s a contender. We do however know that TRES is a sucker for trying new things and is all game for challenges beyond his comfort zone. You see, that 9 year old boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo, may be all grown up now, but he’s still got a dream of changing things.




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