May 27, 2024

A Talented Music Artist, Songwriter & Role model. Born in Charlotte, NC. Growing up into a dis-functional family. If you have a lot of talent so why let it go to waste? B-Wildn was inspired & motivated by his FAMILY and most of all his mother who supports him in anything that he chooses to do. He has accomplished becoming not just a better artist but also a better person. He learned you have to invest in yourself to see the picture.

There isn’t any category or genre that you could really put B in because he’s a very versatile person when it comes to his music (RnB, Rock, Rap etc) When you listen to his music, no matter which track it is there will always be something in the song that you’ll be able to relate to.

If there was anything B-Wildn could share with others who would want to become an artist or go for anything in life it would be “Sleep for your Dreams and Run for your Goals”.

B-Wildn is on radio rotation with the track “Get Retarded”.


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