April 10, 2024

Kid Dream, is twenty year old artist from Maine. Striving to excel in the industry he has been doing music for 10 years now, starting out with the guitar and then eventually moving on to writing, recording and producing his own hip-hop music. At a time when rap seems sometimes to be drifting aimlessly, lingering in the doldrums, along comes Kid Dream to rock the boat. For his part, the rapper has never sounded more focused, effectively cruising to the pop niche which many in the rap game are finding fame and fortune in, all while keeping to his core strengths. Clocking in at under 3 minutes, the single, “Gifted” serves as a breathless trip through current rap trends, effortlessly sound-tracked by the infallible production.

Kid Dream is young no more, well actually he still is. But he is no longer fifteen, as he was when I first heard him in 2013. Kid Dream has since evolved his craft and sounds much more comfortable in his current skin. Totally relaxed, he effortlessly flows across the bars for some enjoyable and essential moments that takes no prisoners and leaves no listeners behind.

After the slow building piano-driven opening, the energy never lulls, avoiding any sagging, as Kid Dream rolls out his rhymes and aspirations. Wherever you think rap becomes too dense, this rapper from Maine presents simplicity, concision, and clarity in his verses.

“Gifted” is short and cohesive, an enjoyable and uncomplicated few minutes of sheer exhilaration, filled with Kid Dream’s ambitions and the story of his daily grind. Essentially, this is a great listen that can serve as an introduction to news fans that have not heard anything by Kid Dream yet. With that being said, if you are the type of music fan who appreciates an intelligent set of rhymes delivered with feeling over some excellent production, Kid Dream is your guy.

“Gifted” offers a fleeting but unflinching glimpse into the life and times of this promising young songwriter. The track is his most personal and mature to date, and it presents a fully-fledged glimpse at the artist as he reaches an essential moment in his life and career, considering he started releasing stuff a while back, when he was much younger.

Armed with a great beat and chillingly earnest lyrics, he is incredibly self-aware and ready to soldier on as he stubbornly continues to pursue his dreams and appreciate the craft he is constantly working so hard at. “Gifted” proves Kid Dream capable of steadily establishing hi own legacy that will last, and proves that honesty and beauty can exist together in all situations.


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