May 26, 2024

Norfolk VA creative, J-MADIC launched his SOLO BALLIN ENTERTAINMENT project in 2012, and since then has been steadily growing it in the shadows. He has released a bunch of material and has enough styles, switching between feverish, technical rapping to melodic sing-song crooning, always keeping the music engaging the whole time. “GOOD LUCK AMERICA” is the kind of track that every artist aims to create – engrossing, entertaining, and sonically diverse, while never spiraling out of control.  But J-MADIC isn’t an artist who makes sense in the cut-and-dry terms of business and marketing. You can’t focus group a J-MADIC. To believe in him is to buy into him completely, to follow the weird, winding path of his career with resolute faith. He is someone who does things on his own terms, and doesn’t seem to follow trends.

J-MADIC has been building his own fan base in hip-hop through years of persistence and a total lack of pandering, writing uniquely different songs that lay his thoughts and feelings out in plain, inescapable terms. His greatest skill is his ability to blend all the ambient effects of rap music with capable lyricism and emotional clarity, and a pinch of twisted humor, a trait that many modern rap artists are lacking. And “GOOD LUCK AMERICA” is brimming full with those elements.

Unadulterated honesty is central to J-MADIC’s music, with references to a whole lot of things that will make you sit up and listen.

J-MADIC entertains listeners with powerful lyrics and an unusual cadence, as well as endears himself with open displays of cheekiness. He does not hold back from divulging tales, giving one hundred per cent of himself in every performance.

He never attempts to steal the spotlight from others, as he is slowly finding his own brand of success through his sheer talent and willpower. In an era of rap often lacking originality, J-MADIC is carving his own foundation in the game by consistently dropping projects that steer clear of the mainstream formulas.

In “GOOD LUCK AMERICA”, J-MADIC has refined the technical elements of his songwriting while remaining utterly unchanged at his core, remaining recognizable both as having a critical eye on society and standing in opposition to every identifiable bullshit trend in modern rap.

And when he drops the line “Big bad wolf became President, good luck America…” you know exactly what you’re in for on this track! It’s the bundling of all these elements that makes “GOOD LUCK AMERICA” such an entertaining listen.  J-MADIC is on radio rotation with the tracks  “GOOD LUCK AMERICA” and “SHAKE IT”.


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