July 21, 2024

Star Wars fans already know about the upcoming spin-off Han Solo movie set to be released on 25th May 2018, which stars Alden Ehrenreich as the title character and is directed by Director Ron Howard. What many may not know about yet, is the release of the hip-hop single “Han Solo (Snow Gear)” (Prod by IceKrim) and performed by The Collab.

The crew from Nashville wrap their new tune up in a Trap and Chill-hop flavor – a genre that embarks on a direction of complex soulful, low-fi sounds while honoring jazz and hip-hop. The collective then go in hard lyrically, And when The Collab hit lyrically, they hit with deft accuracy. The track is as good as it is because of how sonically pleasing it is.

The Collab have a wild and energetic chemistry with smooth flows that hypnotize the listener into their trap haze. The hooks are catchy and the screaming adlibs echoing in the background, really add to the song’s vibe. The bass pumping production is dope and fresh.

This is a track which fizzes, pops and soars with a rare aplomb. Producer IceKrim clearly knows the twists and turns it takes to make a track stick in your cranium, but it’s the panache and vigor of the The Collab that really pack a punch on this track. As such, they are a perfect match for any type of beat.

The group out of Nashville, make all types of music but specialize in hip-hop and R&B. They are currently promoting their single “Han Solo” along with dropping a project and a music video for their other single “Shiloh and Safe Sex”, later this month.

The Collab plan on releasing multiple projects throughout 2018. At the same time, they are showing that they have what it takes for continued relevancy. In a hip-hop world filled to the brim with copycats and faceless producers, at least we have them for now!


SoundCloud link:

Social media Ig and twitter: @the_collab615
Member Ig: Senpai.senseilit & silly_negro23

YouTube link:


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