April 16, 2024

In every genre of music, there are three big tiers of artists. The top tiers of artists are those that are commercially successful and often beloved or at least respected by critics. The bottom tiers are those who have been unable to make it and generally are loathed by critics. Then there’s that middle tier – the underrated who haven’t yet been able to achieve gargantuan success, but definitely have achieved critical success and acclaim. For one of R&B’s most soulful underground presences, Taylor McCants, underrated, characterizes her perfectly. As hard as it may be to believe, a talent like Taylor has yet to set foot on the Billboard charts!

Where does Taylor McCants single, “Forever Your Shawty” fall in the ranks? It’s another well-rounded effort as to be expected that will no doubt keep the narrative of Taylor’s career moving forward, as well as shows her perseverance and passion in her craft. For true fans who admire Taylor’s silky smooth vocal cords and tremendous musicianship, this track will leave them ecstatic.

She lays a powerful, emotional and spiritual foundation even when she’s floating dreamily in atmospheric old-school soul textures. Deftly balancing the passion, the pleasures, and the pain of life and love, she artfully—and with sensuality to spare—traverses the classic sounds that emerged in the late 70’s and into the 90’s, with contemporary elements. Taylor McCants gives R&B and Soul fans of all generations something to dream on.

Hailing from Akron, Ohio, captivating 16 year old performer and actress, Taylor McCants makes an unforgettable impression as a soul singer, giving life to a melodic sound that resonates well beyond her years. Balancing young love with the experience of urban culture, Taylor embodies the worldview of today’s youth. She brings a fresh perspective to the music world, while serenading the listener with soulful maturation usually reserved for seasoned songstresses. She is well known for her unique voice and gracious, welcoming personality.

Taylor Mccants is on radio rotation with the track “Forever Your Shawty”.


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