July 16, 2024

Q-Benjamin, also known as “Q” or “QB”, is a singer, songwriter and rapper from Edmonton, Canada. Q is of mixed South Asian and Jamaican descent, and was born into a family with a strong love for music. Her environment gave way to a genuine personality, and eclectic music taste. At the age of 8, Q began writing short stories and poetry as a means of expression, which would later lead to an affinity for songwriting and a music career of her own.

After winning a local talent competition in her home city of Edmonton at 16, Q had the opportunity to record music for the first time. Within just 2 short years, Q won a Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) for “R&B/Soul Recording of the Year,” and was rumored to have been the youngest person to win the award. Shortly after winning the Juno, Q signed a record deal with Warner Music Canada and moved to Toronto to pursue music full-time. She was signed to Warner for 4 years and as a result of creative differences; they mutually parted ways — having just released one single during her time with Warner.

Since parting ways with Warner, Q has recorded a full length album with Kanye West’s mentor, NO I.D. and has been scouted by international men’s fragrance company AXE as part of a marketing campaign to write, record and shoot a video to a song she co-wrote. She has cultivated her craft by developing her talents of singing, writing, rapping and performing. Q is a true professional. During her time in Toronto, Q graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree.
She sets out to use intelligence, and genuine emotion through self-expression; to inspire and connect with her listeners through her music. Q’s passion, drive and work ethic have built a strong foundation for her to be one of the greatest artists of her generation.

Q-Benjamin is on radio rotation with the tracks “Selfish” and “Peace and Pain”.


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