April 11, 2024

Ventura aka xVenturax was born in Burbank, CA but raised all over the world such as the UK, Holland, Australia and Germany learning different cultures and pursuing her purpose since the age of 8 years old. Growing up in a family of musicians, Ventura pursues her music career, as well as her fashion career, hoping to inspire men and women all over the world through art. xVenturax and ApolloParx join forces on the single “Don’t Kill My Vibe (Lisa)” produced by Serge Crown, and taken off their upcoming project dropping during May 2018.

This new undertaking is proof that a young girl’s mind is nothing ignorable or foolish, particularly when paired with a clever vision. “Don’t Kill My Vibe (Lisa)” is not just a story crafted into a track, but instead a multidimensional exploration of the aching human heart via soul in its most honest forms: music and poetry.

In structure and purpose, the two crafts are innately connected. The song is a surprise slow burner trickled with drips of beautiful melancholy. The exceptional production adds real emotional power and groove to this chill, intimate material, which really transforms the song into an authentic celebration of rising talent.

With her gentle and nuanced vocalizing, xVenturax gives one’s ears a chance to consume what’s being presented. And in both sound and meaning, it only takes a second to feel enveloped by the song’s warmth. ApolloParx’s flow is as honeyed as xVenturax’s singing, and together their words and rhymes are arresting and direct.

As the songstress delivers a relentless stream of flawless vocals with the confidence of a performer twice her age, it’s almost incomprehensible that this gifted young artist is still not in the mainstream masses, while she slowly builds her own hype and reputation.

On “Don’t Kill My Vibe (Lisa)” xVenturax delivers an absolute masterclass, infusing urban soul, Hip-hop and R&B into her own uniquely irresistible mix, to completely justify all the immense excitement which will no doubt surround her prestigious talent.

ApolloParx, for his part is furiously inventive, thoughtful, virtuosic, musically adventurous and driven. Hence the laid-back and smooth atmosphere on this track is densely packed with ideas, allusions and ambitions, which intertwine harmonically with those of xVenturax.

ApolloParx and xVenturax voices harmonize together so beautifully, and the result is an effortless extension of an already beautiful song. “Don’t Kill My Vibe (Lisa)” is a track that you need close your eyes to and embrace. ApolloParx and xVenturax occupies rarified air.

They exist in a space shared by artists who restore your faith in modern music, but without any of the ubiquity. Existing in the outer orbit of the mainstream allows them ample room to chase their muse. The result is record that could have been made by few others, and frankly, it sounds really great. But it also feels like xVenturax is inching closer to a breakthrough: a project that fully lives up to her talent and ambition.


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