July 21, 2024

There is something refreshing about this record. One thing is that it’s a US and UK collaboration, but it’s also a hip-hop record that challenges the listener and takes you on a journey you didn’t know you needed.

The first track “That’s what you need” is so in your face and direct that you know that if listening to this record was a boxing match, you know you are going down for a KO right from the start. It’s hard, brutal and it’s in your face from the first beat.

I love the intensity and fearless attitude that comes through my speakers. I am struggling a bit with finding the right words to describe the feelings that explode inside me when I listen to this record, but for now I think the word “Impressed” should cover it.

There is some kind of retro feeling to the first three tracks and I get an Ice-T and Notorious B.I.G feel, but just when I thought I had nailed the sound or where the inspiration comes from, “Just a state of mind” knocks me down. A bold and brutal intro to an amazing track with a sound that mixes retro hip-hop with new wave and contemporary pop music.

All in all this is a record I think everyone should listen to at least once. I love the way these guys challenges the listener and the flow, the feeling and the rhythm of the whole record amazes me. I stand by my previous statement. If I had to sum this record up in one word, it’s still “Impressed”.

Shake’m off – bonus music video link:

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