April 16, 2024

Beyond the mix of post-punk anxiety, splintered rock elements and haunting electro keys, it’s 2ranked, LordKaitheSage, and SLAYER79’s rhyming abilities that ultimately sees their latest track  “America GOT ME FXCKED UP”, produced by Teva, flourish. The crew constantly switch up flows, deftly weaving punchy alt-rap culture homages into the off-base rhymes, which makes for a compelling, and edgy concoction.  These dudes don’t make music for the faint-of-heart. They push the limits of what one can say on a rap release, as well as the genre’s sonic boundaries. As they shift rapidly between drugged-out rampages, stoned relaxation, explicit sexual descriptions, and bleak gun explorations, one wonders how long it will be before their volatile lifestyles catch up to them. “America GOT ME FXCKED UP” declares that, 2ranked, LordKaitheSage, and SLAYER79 are not slowing down anytime soon.

The track shatters all expectations, its title immediately hinting at major themes of hedonism. 2ranked, LordKaitheSage, and SLAYER79 take full advantage of the track’s three and a half minutes, stuffing more dense wordplay, explicit imagery, and stark truths into a rap track than should be possible.

This work here should garner some serious attention across the genre. The crew fill this beat to the point of overflow with dark imagery, inviting listeners to marvel at their knack for rapid-fire wordplay, while gawking at the vivid self-portrait they paint.

Producer Teva lays down a fantastically bizarre beat. With a booming bassline punctuated by bursts of hypnotically repeating keys, the sound is a startling revelation on hip-hop. Of course, 2ranked, LordKaitheSage, and SLAYER79 do lyrical somersaults over the unwieldy beat, rampaging through bars packed with punchlines and internal rhymes.

The resulting chaos produces a uniquely aggressive vibe as the voices shift unpredictably between moments of stark clarity and growling angst. SLAYER79 and his crew’s outlook morphs from line to line, juxtaposing startlingly cold realizations with destructive tendencies to fuck, shoot and self-medicate.

While these peaks and valleys can be a lot to take in for the casual listener, one is impressed by the lyrical urgency and emotional tenacity 2ranked, LordKaitheSage and SLAYER79 bring to the song.

The oscillation between enjoyment and awe characterizes the track’s narrative and the listening experience itself. Although the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania crew, tackle many of the typical rap tropes – such as sex, drugs, and guns – they deliver these bars with such ferocious honesty that it makes for some reflective social listening.

“America GOT ME FXCKED UP” is a highly experimental track which defies categorization, its complex portrait of a destructive situation solidifies 2ranked, LordKaitheSage and SLAYER79’s position as simultaneously left field and thrilling rap artists. The track is a great example of unrestricted minds that are labyrinths of bold creativity. “America GOT ME FXCKED UP” straddles the line between gritty rap classicism and avantgarde composition.


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