May 24, 2024

Warren Skane is an independent artist from Perth, Western Australia, who’s been writing lyrics since 1996. He completed two Country-Rock albums – ‘Deep In Thought’ and ‘Deep In Thought Volume 2 plus an EP ‘The Early Years’ – from his ‘Work For Hire” agreement with Eastcraft in North Carolina, USA. Skane then discovered the Music Maker JAM app which allows users to create their own unique sound using Loops from their catalogue. This opened a new world for the Australian artist. He has since completed 3 albums and 2 EP’s of material to share with music fans of multiple electronic genres, with flavors that go from Rock to Trap and Rap. Skane’s latest album is the 20 track collection, entitled “Established 1973”.

Technology has touched every realm of modern life from the way we communicate to how we move around using navigation systems, but one of the least talked about, yet most influenced areas are within the artistic expression. In particular, modern music has been completely changed by the use of technology. Today we can listen to music everywhere at almost any moment, stream it, and share it with the world within seconds.

But perhaps the most important change is how music is made today. The use of sampling technology has allowed musicians and producers around the world the luxury of having any sound or instrument they want, at their fingertips, and this has spawned the creation of entirely new music genres using sampling and loops at their core.

It’s the spine of worldwide hits, parties and club dancefloors. For some musicians, sampling or loops, is equal to cribbing, but for others it opens up a new spectrum of music perception. For these people, sampled music is the audio equivalent of the visual collages. Take a listen to John Cage’s ‘Williams Mix’ (1951-1952), and how he, already back then, looked into the assemblage of recorded sounds to create a music composition.

That’s no different to what composers like Warren Skane are doing today with the apps and platforms readily available for the task. Cutting a part of a sample or loop, and putting it together with another, in a new context, is more than a collage of sounds, and became a core for a creation of a fresh musical piece.

“Established 1973” is a multi-genre collection of assembled tracks by Warren Skane that will satisfy a large number of ears. Skane has perfected his craft with the new creative possibilities at hand. He is putting together previously unreachable grooves, rhythms, vocals and moods, with endless intuition and inspiration.

Is using loops cheating, when making music? Loops, just like presets for synths, is the new cornerstone of music production. The general view is that the new music creation with loops, could be considered a team effort: a team of sound designers the song creator has probably never met, and ‘together’, they are crafting a finished product.

Either way, or whatever your view, Warren Skane has left no genre sound unturned here: from the opening rap track, “It’s Your Journey (Free Your Mind)”, to the retro dance of “Party On Til Dawn”, and then the alternative hip-hop of “Livin Like A Boss”, Skane is having a really good time turning on the groove.

And when the guitar crunch of “Makin Some Cash” creeps in, you know for sure that Skane is in it for real. He lets up the pressure on the ambient-styled “Show Me Intellect”, before launching into the rhythmic “Living In Luxury” and “Emotional Rollercoaster”. But there are many more outstanding compositions in this mega collection.

The funky “Take me To Heaven” and “Wanting To Know More”, the rocking “From My Heart To Yours”, the baroque dance-prone “There’s Always Music”, and the percolating rap of “It’s You I Want” can be counted among the album’s highlights.

Warren Skane proves that looping and sampling can form the basis for great songs, and instantly break down the barriers between genres. Being able to blend loops into your own track takes skill, an eye for detail and a vast understanding of making music that also takes into consideration your own creativity. Just ask Warren Skane!


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