April 13, 2024

George Seals known by his stage name PrettyBoyBeats is an American record producer, executive producer, rapper and entrepreneur. The founder and current CEO of the production brand “PrettyBoyBeats”, he is a part of the new wave of Top40 talent coming out of Nashville “Music City” Tennessee. “Bounce That”, the Houston artist’s latest single is a victory over everybody else in the game right now. He not only trumps his independent contemporaries, but he even beats out the big names in the rap industry right now. PrettyBoyBeats is an incredible rhymer, his rhymes and flow are seamless on this song. He is definitely not on top of his game here, while also bringing focus to the production.

PrettyBoyBeats commands every track like he is a pro, which he is. The beat on this song does what it is supposed to: it sets the mood, keeps your ass moving, and lets you hone in on the lyrics. The passion that PrettyBoyBeats puts into this track, is fully evident.

“Miami Nights”, his previous single, set expectations high, and PrettyBoyBeats has reigned in that track’s energy and expanded on it, emphasizing the vibe throughout, completing harnessing the very lightning in a bottle that was the combined previously.

The result is this banging summer anthem – “Bounce That”. And we all know that a banging beat, and on point lyricism, leads to an entertaining track – all the time, every time.

PrettyBoyBeats is the total package, he has a sick flow and delivery, all backed by wondrous production. Here he shows how good flow, delivery and punchlines should be executed. Moreover, he displays an entertainer’s charisma. The winning recipe is simple for PrettyBoyBeats, he’s giving the people what they want, and it’s good.

He is able to get all the people in the club to come out on the floor, with big bangers like “Bounce That”. His chorus writing ability is like no other, they’re all good and catchy. For those thinking they have heard everything Southern rap has to offer, PrettyBoyBeats is ready to tear down any misconceptions about his roots.

While he embraces the southern culture, PrettyBoyBeats is out to show a different side of cliched regional emcees. What immediately draws you into his world is his distinct and intriguing voice, as well as his catchy rhyme scheme, particularly the way he effortlessly changes tempos and styles.

But beyond all the flash lies his ability to provide cunning insights into our vices and virtues. Drawing comparisons in general, PrettyBoyBeats’ knack for the construction of addictive hooks further sets him apart from his Southern counterparts. The more times you listen to “Bounce That”, the more you’ll love it.

MORE ABOUT: PrettyBoy (Born June, 27th In Houston, TX) has worked with Platinum and Grammy Award winning engineer/mixer Jason Goldstien, Platinum and Gold producers the Drum Majorz, Platinum and Grammy nominated producers Willie Clark, Platinum, Gold and Grammy Winning producer Chocolate Perry, Platinum producer Mark Thompson, platinum producer Superpowers, Platinum and Grammy winning Producer “Bolo” Da Producer, MTV, NBC’s hit show “THE VOICE”, NFL Network, The Super Bowl and on the world famous “Music Row”. Early on, BMI recognized PrettyBoyBeats and assisted in the establishment of his publishing company George Seals Music (BMI).


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