June 24, 2024

“Jimmy” is the second album by Jimmy Carter of the XXXIX Empire. Written during between 2017 and 2018, the 12 track recording is another voyage through the mind of this self-proclaimed genius. So who is Jimmy Carter of the XXXIX Empire?  A college dropout and ambitious start-up entrepreneur, Maxwell Page Fairchild is the creator of The XXXIX Empire, a project based around the three personalities – The Sun King, Jimmy Carter and Maxx 39 – through which Fairchild writes, performs, records, produces and creates music. Maxwell grew up in West Los Angeles under serene circumstances, up until middle school when his family ran into housing difficulties and he later began to suffer various issues like depression, suicidal tendencies, weight problems and other social afflictions. However he found happiness in music – rapping and writing poetry – while he says that his college years taught him a lot about “other people’s motives and agendas; staying true to myself and going forward in the name of positive living, respecting myself and my Art in which I truly love…” 

Effortless vocal and lyrical ability with the production to match. Many rap artists today do not understand the necessity of integrity maintenance. Too many of them see rap and hip-hop as a vehicle to make lots of money. Jimmy Carter of the XXXIX Empire understands the meaning of spitting words with meaning. Sometimes we don’t even know products like “Jimmy” exist because of the one sided music industry the genre continues to generate. I really appreciate the level of integrity and heart that Jimmy brings to his art. He never holds back his truth to spare anyone or anything.

I know that many people might not be able handle the level of thinking and integrity that Jimmy Carter of the XXXIX Empire has – as he lyrically moves between the absurd, the impolite and downright obscene – but if we could get more people to listen to his words with an open mind, we would live in a more honest world at least.

In terms of catchy hooks and banging beats, this is not that type of album. Jimmy Carter of the XXXIX Empire did not set out to make radio or club friendly music, but something to blow your mind. He is making what he feels in his heart and is in his mind – stuff that always deserves more than one listen.

In fact, the more you listen to this album, the more it will grow on you. From the moment the first track, “Master Bait” kicks off, there are a few things that become very clear. One is that Jimmy is technical – his flow, speed-raps and rhyme scheme is on point. Two, and this may be a personal preference, the music production on this album is varied and extremely forward thinking.

Three, Jimmy is consistent throughout these tracks, never once does he drop a bar or skip a beat. The fourth and possibly most important thing, Jimmy has mastered his ability to channel passion and emotion into his verses. When he wants you to feel something, no matter what absurdity he is relating, he can make you feel it. Period.

Of course describing Jimmy’s music, track by track is an arduous task. It’s like describing awesome tricks by a top class magician – you can’t, because there are too many parts you haven’t quite worked out yet. So you just sit there dumbstruck and take in all the brilliance, wishing you could understand how the fuck he does it all.

He’s mocking, he’s cynical, and extreme, bombarding your ears, as he masterfully builds tension and then releases it in a stream of consciousness. Check out these powerful variants on “Sus as Fuck”, “Strong Style” and “Danny LaRu”. All of these songs display Jimmy Carter of the XXXIX Empire’s ability to invoke goose bumps and channel intense sensations.

Of course he can get really creative with the song titles too – “Earth Full of Comedians Too Dick to do Stand-Up” and “James Bond was Too Emotional & Never Had a Plan B” being prime examples. Both of these tracks have delirious electro beats which Jimmy rides with impressive lyrical acrobatics. So give “Jimmy” a shot, turn off everything else and just listen to the album, more than once. This recording marks a triumphant return for underground alternative rap.


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