April 19, 2024

Singer-songwriter Brandon R drops his single “OMW” (On My Way) produced by Donato. To all intents and purposes, the track should be included on his upcoming EP project, “Lost Gift”. The track combines the elements of Pop and R&B music with a dance beat in a cunning smooth manner. He explores love and life in a playful, light-hearted style. The uplifting vibe symbolizes living a favorable existence in life.

Brandon R has one clear advantage over his competition: In the revival years of neo-soul sincerity, he is the rare singer who can not only mimic all the classic R&B tricks, but can deliver them with a healthy dose of laid-back nonchalance. He seems primed to capitalize on a burgeoning interest in urban blue-eyed soul.

Brandon R not interested in conjuring up some dramatic backstory, instead he takes such obvious pleasure in simple sonic flourishes that the music ends up radiating a warmth and authenticity that’s hard to find in today’s glut of pop throwbacks. Part of his charm is his way of keeping aesthetic ego from interfering in our listening pleasure.

Kicking off with the percussion’s clean precision, the track finds an immediate counterpoint in the thumping bassline, on which rides the entire momentum of “OMW”. His lyrics are clean and smart too. Musically, this is a standout track even though it is simple at its core.

It’s for a light mood, a weekend afternoon, a promising Saturday night date, a free Sunday morning. The infectious nature of this track seals its place as the most fun a sound system can have. Brandon R proves right from the start that he is a sophisticated and unique voice in music.

With his uniquely understated brand of vocal phrasing and nuanced tone, Brandon R is able—and ever-so-subtly— to wow fans of R&B, neo-soul, and pop music. There’s few who can touch his mastery of getting the most out of the simplest lyric and melody by letting it all flow as naturally as in an intimate conversation.

Brandon R exemplifies the art of unaffected cool within his perfectly paced narrative on “OMW”, as he relates with unrushed melodic bliss. Maybe it’s because he never feels compelled to push or force his sound in order to draw listeners in, or maybe it’s simply one of his natural gifts.

But the warmth and shine of his palatable interpretational prowess as the sound of a confident artist. His contemplative nature on “OMW”, is at once vocally relaxed and refreshed. His singing is cool; his talent is smart; his music is groovily killing.



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