July 18, 2024

Signed independently to a record label, Storm Central, LLC who offered her global distribution via Ingrooves Music Group/Universal Music Group Distribution, fifteen-year old Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actress and Model, Janelle Nucum, began her passion for music at the age of two, before performing on stage professionally at the age of eight. She eventually expanded her presence in other areas of the entertainment world through theater and live productions, modeling and commercial print ads. During the process, she managed to land a lead role in a short film and various TV commercials. After signing with Storm Central, Janelle began recording her debut single “Pages”, which she co-wrote with National Billboard Charting, Recording Artist, Christine Storm.

Janelle Nucum is an amazing talent and it is so easy to compare her to some of her peers with her far-reaching vocal range and a smooth style that combines pop and R&B. But comparing her is not fair because she has a style that is quite unique. Of course the music industry has changed since some of her peers debuted.

The competition has grown immensely, ranging from pros to homegrown artists on the web. With the instant gratification online, fans are not as patient or willing to wait for an artist to grow and mature. So thanks to her talents, and her team, we get the ‘mature’ sound and a wonderful showcase of her bag of tricks right off the bat on “Pages”.

What is so impressive about Janelle on this track is how everything fits together so well – the lyrics, the music, and her wonderful intonation. Throughout it all we never lose Janelle’s smooth style. And she never loses her sense of pure enjoyment while practicing her craft.

You can hear it, in how she scales the chord progressions, or how she drops to her lower register and climbs to the choruses.  Janelle grabs your attention, brings you in and then never lets you go. Her limpid vocal artistry makes her very easy to enjoy.

In an era where you don’t have to have good vocals, and a singer’s voice is often masked by auto tune or overtaken by the beats, Janelle Nucum and “Pages” really stand out.

“Pages” is a self-affirming track, which showcases the narrator’s confidence and empowerment, as she proudly sings: “I use to be shy, now I’m shining.” This girl has a voice, talent and ambition that won’t quit. She proves that she could be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Her single is undoubtedly packed with smart production and flawless vocals. Winning combinations like this are hard to come by, especially for an artist who is only fifteen. There is really nowhere else for her to go but up from here on!


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