April 18, 2024

The 18 EIGHTEEN MUSIC GROUP presents Hotppl (Heart Of The People) with his brand new single – “They Don’t Mean It” (ft. Marc Swift). This song details the trials and tribulations of relationships with friends, family, and your significant other. “What does it feel like to not be loved in any of these situations where you have sacrificed and given your all? And just how do you make it through these trying times, which can be devastating – both emotionally and psychologically?” These are some of the questions Hotppl faces up to on this track, while spitting his heartfelt truths. He has an ability to use lyricism to actually tell a story and further expound on his emotions.

He is excellent at describing going through the motions and battling his inner demons, as well as pinpointing those of others while painting vivid pictures with his words. You will appreciate this music due to Hotppl’s honesty and passion, as today it almost seems as though many artists in hip-hop are afraid to speak about their actual inner thoughts and emotions.

Hotppl’s outspoken candor makes him one of the more seemingly genuine artists in the business. Hip-hop is a place where many of its practitioners are caught up in glossy images, but Hotppl doesn’t seem to be like that. He presents himself in a manner where you feel like you’re getting the full picture of the artist.

This is especially evident in “They Don’t Mean It” (ft. Marc Swift), and allows listeners to connect with him more easily. Hotppl’s bars speak volumes. Even though the powerful hook features throughout the track, Hotppl makes sure to put a focus on his lyrics above all else.

Oftentimes even if projects are good lyrically and thematically, they can be difficult to get through due to poor production. In today’s musical climate, no matter what a rapper has to say on the track and how personal it is, it is difficult to be successful unless it has interesting music backing him up.

Luckily, Ric N Thadeus’ thoughtful and spacious production lays down a perfect foundation for Hotppl to build his lyrical case upon. While the cherry on top comes in the form of Marc Swift’s soulful crooning in the hook.

You’ll be at a loss trying to describe the feeling this project is capable of evoking; the music definitely speaks for itself here. It is crafted with such skill that it drips with originality and authenticity. Hotppl is consciously aware of the message he wants to convey.

So here he is, delivering what turns out to be some of his most exhaustingly deep and descriptive narratives ever penned. He is forming vivid scenes rather than simple sentences. Rhythmically, each bar is delivered effortlessly, melding into conversational dialogues between Hotppl and his thoughts.

The beautifully sung hooks offer a dynamic switch in tone, and the stark contrast between that and Hotppl’s rapping voice is patterned perfectly from verse to chorus and back again. Everything on “They Don’t Mean It” (ft. Marc Swift) is conducive to the project’s aim. This is a single taken off the upcoming EP to be entitled, “Love N Hate”.


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