June 21, 2024

It’s dark at times, it’s gritty at others, and it can cause some deep emotions to surface, but B.D.Kold’s latest EP, “Heart Condition” is at all times a real and honest recording. Not only will these tracks have you nodding your head to the fantastic beats, you will be nodding in agreement to the profound lyrics. If you have any affinity whatsoever to Christian infused themes, you will hear some of the deepest intrinsic thought to be set to music across the 4 tracks here. God elevates this guy right here out of nowhere. He definitely has something to say. His passion is infectious and his messages are so real and deep that it has to make you feel something. Basically his dedication to his content is just mind blowing and inspiring. Its guys like B.D.Kold who are working hard and bringing hip hop back to its roots. He tells stories. He talks about inner struggles. No cussing needed. Deep and emotional lyrics mixed with fantastic production gets the job done.

“Heart Condition” is great from start to finish and is better than most of the weak mainstream rap you hear on the radio. On so many levels this music is an experience. The idea behind this EP seems to be an invitation into the mind and world of B.D.Kold, as well as his unrelenting faith.

This recording is for those who dig to go over and above just the simple radio-play kind of hip hop heard so often today. This ensemble deals with some personal struggles through past and present circumstances and is extremely raw emotionally; you can’t help but know what’s going on inside B.D.Kold’s head, as soon as he opens with the banger “Take Control”.

“Narrow Road” has a piano-driven edge that offers some of the cleverest one-liners jammed packed into one track. It’s hard not to be impressed by such raw, personal, and emotionally-driven rap, and that’s exactly what makes this stand out among so many rap releases out today. You can’t argue with the tremendous thumping beat and B.D.Kold’s amazing flow when he spits on “It Was Finished”.

Coupled with the raw honesty, this definitely becomes one of the best rap tracks in the set. B.D.Kold masterfully crafts his words to pull you into his world, all the while putting your doubts and pride on the table and implicitly stating that he will spread the word and the light needed to save others.

The songs are all very atmospheric whether they are hard-hitting or slow burning. Helping the EP along is some impressive production that packs almost as much a punch as B.D.Kold’s vocal intensity.

Every thump on the kick drum, resonating piano note, and chilling bass stroke feels incredibly intentional and inspired, by the time “Truth Be Told” comes into focus. Here he follows up with more deeply emotive and raw scripture-wise lyrics, which are particularly hard-hitting against the slow to mid-tempo beat.

B.D.Kold may be a name you’ve heard of, or it may not be. Either way, this Christian hip hop music artist is ready to make a lasting impression on industry. “Heart Condition” is an ambitious and emotional introspective journey. In an industry which is littered with budding rappers, B.D.Kold is carving out a spot specifically tailored to himself, one that fuses different stylings together and showcases his full musical potential.

MORE ABOUT: Brandon Dwayne Stovall aka B.D.Kold is a songwriter and rapper who grew up just outside of Baton Rouge. Growing up in a small working class community and with both parents working, he found his way as a trouble maker at an early age. At 13 he decided to run away from home stealing a car and making it to Alabama where he totaled the vehicle running from state police. Lucky to be alive, he begin to search for his purpose in life, and over the ensuing years rapping became his passion.

But again, in pursuing rap on the local scene he came into contact with the ways of street life which induced, a then naïve youngster like himself, to want to earn respect and money via the drug trade just like everybody else seemed to be doing. After years of battling multiple addictions and countless run-ins with the law, in 2014 he entered into a disciple program a few towns distant from where he grew up. He began to learn the word and biblical precepts God began to put it in his heart, to reach the people that were like he once was.


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