April 13, 2024

Naddi is 22 year old artist, coming from a mixed background and raised in Virginia with a single mother who inspired him to be a doer. He got into the hip hop scene freestyling with friends at a lunch table, and the hype continued from there. Naddi’s brilliance lies in the core of his talents – a raw, vulnerable and reverberating voice, dense in shades and tones that fill contemporary hip-hop voids with its fluidity and texture, grit and goodness. His syncopated flow and trap cadences, dig themselves into Naddi’s lyrics, in a story that pits him in the foreground, juggling with his ex’s as the protagonist, narrator and the romantic villain.

Once in a while, you come across tracks or recording artists that you instantly fall in love with. Naddi is one of them. I heard the song “Can’t Change” playing on my headphones at the office, in my car on the way to a midnight grocery store run, and then again during a jog in the park, and needless to say, I was hooked each time.

I instantly began humming the melody right on key, and was drawn in on each occasion. Naddi is just one of those artists who knows exactly how to say things and when to say them, and he has managed to get everything right with this track.

“Can’t Change” is a melody-driven hip-hop release that moonlights as a trap opus, with a serious emphasis placed on pop catchiness. The tonal palette is warm and lush, with a transporting, booming bass quality.

His voice stretches, skips, and simmers in service of laminating his hip-hop blend, which takes a new-age approach to the genre, packed and layered into a slow-burning soundscape for his story and imagery. The song weaves itself together by spilling the details of his tumultuous experiences and forging his prospective future path.

“I can’t change my mind about this, I’m sorry. I can’t change my mind about this no more,” sings Naddi. In pure musical terms, it’s a joy of a recording to play all through, a radiant blend of rhymes and dense with instrumentation.

You’ll hear a blast of keys, a line of twisted harmony and squiggly guitar or synth motifs here and there, with liquid bass lines and hard-smacking drums throughout. For its lyrical and musical scope, “Can’t Change” brings to mind a number of excellent trap induced releases, but it has its own smooth flavor.

Proving himself to be more than a unique voice, Naddi seems to be in total control of his talent. It might have been a challenge for him to make something as relatable and soulful as “Can’t Change”, but the track shows that he has the blueprint and kind of substance that is meant to last.

The song has the easy confidence and swelling momentum of a victory lap, which Naddi fills to the brim with candid color and melody. “Can’t Change” is a focused project with both an artistic and emotional vision. Naddi may be relatively new to the scene, but he sounds like a seasoned veteran.



1 thought on “Naddi – “Can’t Change”

  1. This kid is capital DOPE !!! Met this cat up in NY and he was nothing but humble an ready to work. We was in the car to the studio an homie heard one of the beats I was sampling than started going off the DOME!! Mad respect
    he going up for sure

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