July 18, 2024

Once upon a time, rappers who sought national recognition performed at local open mics to build a buzz. They’d sign with fledgling indie labels, release a few singles and mixtapes, and push their music to local FM stations, hoping to crack into the rotation. That rarely worked, but, until the ascent of the Internet as a repository for new music, it was the only obvious path. A path that BMP, a 26 year old rapper from Connecticut, has followed with ease, as he puts out music to reach people who can connect with his mindset and experiences. He is an unsigned, but still talented individual. BMP’s rapping ability shows that he can flow effortlessly on any instrumental he’s given.  Even more praise to his rapping ability is in his lyricism. His lyrics are right in your face, whether they’re gritty, inspiring, or personal. The meaning of his lyrics are straight forward, but still clever nonetheless, as he tries to keep his messages easy to understand.

BMP often toes the line between unflinching honesty and overwrought emotion. He raps about the things he knows you want to hear. Things you’ve perhaps gone through in own your life. A father of a four year old daughter, BMP has his hands on the pulse of real life situations. A lot of which he describes on his latest track, “Nowadays”.

The track continues to propel him forward while blazing a trail entirely his own. He’s his own best friend and worst enemy, often at the same time, and here he’s found a way to perfectly balance his depressing personality traits: “Nowadays I don’t even feel like me. Nowadays I feel like I’m lost at sea. Nowadays, I feel like I’m all alone. Nowadays I don’t even want to go home.”

But at the same time he is observing the people around him: “Nowadays these people switch so quick. Nowadays everybody jumping off ship. Nowadays everybody think they slick. Nowadays heartbreak is all there is.”

Most dudes want to try and make a huge splash with a bunch of bangers with no lyrics, but BMP takes a different route. He wants to tell a story. His flow is chill and relaxed, yet he packs a punch with his rhymes. Thematically, this track has substance and thoughtfulness – while BMP sounds transcendent, almost on autopilot, spitting assured and easily, over the beat.

“Nowadays” offers an unflinching glimpse into the life and times of this promising songwriter. The project is his most personal and mature to date, and it presents a fully-fledged glimpse at the artist as he reaches an essential and heartbreaking moment in his personal life, or rather, the burden of not being able to see his daughter every day.

As he finds himself at a crossroads, he will have to decide how to proceed in life. The track presents an aura of darkness, but BMP does not seem ready to completely bow his head and accept defeat. Instead, he stubbornly continues to pursue his dreams and appreciate the world around him.



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