June 15, 2024

Jovenrey aka Joven 9MILLI is a 21 year old hardworking and dedicated rapper, based in Arlington TX. He has just dropped his latest Trap-induced track, “Pricele$$” ft. Quin$y 9MILLI. Clocking in at just under 5 minutes, the track serves as a breathless trip through current trap trends, effortlessly sound-tracked by a seemingly infallible producer. The energy never lulls, thus avoiding any sagging. He stands out from the rest of trap scene by not having his voice auto-tuned, which can be refreshing if you aren’t really into the auto tuned style of rap. Rappers have changed over the years.

The new breed of rapper tends to be starkly different from the old. In the last couple of years, there have been triumphant newcomers, as well as questionable ones. Jovenrey falls into the first category. And what makes “Pricele$$” such a compelling listen is the way that contrasting approaches seem to accompany one another perfectly.

The merger between the ice cold resonance of Quin$y 9MILLI and the dynamic performance from Jovenrey creates a dazzling unity. “Pricele$$” ft. Quin$y 9MILLI proves itself to be a concise, thrilling project. It manages to find a surprising chemistry between the two artists, as well as foregrounding the skillful production that keeps the project on course throughout with a deft hand.

The Texas rap scene continues to drop totally out-of-the-blue, star-studded projects, from time to time, and this is one of them. Jovenrey has impressively become more refined with every project. He’s continued to strengthen how he rides a beat and has discovered new ways to utilize his voice. He is a top tier lyricist. He has a set of have a cutting edge messages, and more than enough in his bag of tricks.

Jovenrey ability to catch the beat with unorthodox flows has been consistent throughout his releases. But trying to sing along with some of his raps is difficult when you don’t know where the lyrics are going to land, as he proves his ability to switch flows at the drop of a hat.

Another aspect which has stayed constant on Jovenrey’s tracks is his ability to inject personality into every song. He raps things in a way only Jovenrey can. This track has top-of-the-line ingredients, a perfected recipe and a master chef to cook it all up. “Pricele$$” speaks for itself. And its language is pure flames.

Voice is also of utmost importance when it comes to what separates Jovenrey from his peers in rap and trap’s next generation. The combination of reality and creativity is what makes the music of this rapper appeal to the crowds of dedicated hip-hop followers.

If “Pricele$$” ft. Quin$y 9MILLI serves as a window to where Jovenrey aka Joven 9MILLI’s future focus lies, it may be one of the first showing of what could be a truly impactful voice within the next generation of hip-hop.


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