June 13, 2024

Statik G or Statik Gesus (previously known as Statik the Godfather), started his rise into the underground with his first EP in 2007. Statik G’s has booked, managed and starred in several tours including tours featuring Lil Wyte, Project Pat, Crooked I, Do or Die, and Afroman. He’s also headlined multiple national tours and has shared stages with artists such as Bone Thugs n Harmony and T-Pain, to The Game and Baby Bash to Great White, Rittz and Tech N9ne to Violent J and Esham, Hawthorne Heights to Flatlinerz and Twiztid, as well as many others.  Through various ups and downs over the years, he has continued to build his fan base and receive strong praise from the industry. Recently Statik G dropped his single “Broke” to be featured on his upcoming 2019 “Intelligent Design LP”.

Statik G’s music impresses, from whichever end of his catalog you start from. He delivers track after track with a wicked flow that can match that of many of his successful peers, in terms of quality, though he has his very own style. Not only can he deliver deep, introverted and insightful tracks like “Broke” but he can also lyrically wreck up-tempo beats tracks or create smooth anthems.

Statik G’s story is one of triumph over struggles; you can feel the anger and frustration from his past in some of his music – and that’s an accomplishment. Grab this track and support an artist that deserves all the success that comes his way.

Statik G has a quick rapping style, with good lyrics and storytelling, and a really smooth soulful voice when singing the hooks. The relentless rhyme-killer is on full steam here. Aided by solid production, Statik G does what he’s best at in “Broke”, sharing a valuable story that scarred him, changed him and taught him priceless lessons.

He makes this rap motivational, inspiring us to beat the odds and prove the naysayers wrong.  Statik G is one of the few rhymers who doesn’t fall to the curse of the fast rapper.

Usually when rappers are spitting out double time flows, listeners often assume they’re not actually saying anything, but Statik G’s rhyme book isn’t filled with gibberish, he’s committed to making all those words pouring out of his mouth matter.

You’ll never miss the honest and emotional moments this rapper will throw into a song when you’re getting carried away by his flow, because he knows exactly how to pace his rhymes and when to hit the focus points clearly. And that is exactly how he executes “Broke”. He has just the right mental, emotional and artistic tight-wire approach to draw you in.

If you focus on the minute details of Statik G’s lyrics, you will have a deeper appreciation for the man’s pen game beyond his flows. On “Broke” he seems to have really struck the balance between the darkness that may still be shadowing him and the winning aspirations he has set his sights on. He may be temporarily “Broke” in this narrative, but if the track is any indication, Statik G is getting closer to having everything real soon.


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