April 13, 2024

Soulja, born Kenneth Pitts, is an American singer from South Carolina. Soulja has been on America’s Got Talent as well as American Idol. He has since signed with One Life Entertainment Music Group and released his debut project, “Believe”. Likely to be heralded by his contemporaries and predecessors alike, Soulja emerges as the latest buzzing crooner on the block of revitalized R&B and Soul. Call it what you will, his album “Believe” is plainly straight-up Rhythm & Blues. He’s drawing on the sounds of the past to craft a winning formula that earnestly blends soul with sincerity. There’s no denying Soulja’s charismatic flow—he glides atop smooth production that is indeed thick like gravy. He wraps his warm voice around each syllable of the luscious “Beautiful” and the title track “Believe” – a song propelled by an oscillating beat, airy strings and a rolling piano.

“Amazing” features a minimalist arrangement and a rousing bassline; Soulja comes in on an urgent vocal delivery embellished with falsetto harmonies. Thus the scene is set for a sexually explicit theme, filled with lust and love. “Tough Love” offers a bit more than typical R&B fare with a clever play on words, which Soulja delivers in a stream of consciousness in a one-sided love affair.

The slow burning “Baby Don’t Go” literally lulls you into its introspective world if only because of the sheer beauty of the singer’s emotionally nuance voice, and the hypnotic thumping beat. Soulja once again shows that he is able to use his grits and gravy aesthetic, as well as a honey-brown delivery.

On the laid-back groove, “I Can Be”, the keyboard arrangements and percussion lay down the foundation for Soulja’s vocals to steadily soar like a rush of caramel ecstasy. He keeps the lyrics simple and accessible as he states his case: “I can be the man you want. I can be the man you need. I can be the man to please you. I can be the man.”

Soulja then moves on to close the album with two bonus tracks – “When I Die” and “Man Behind The Voice”. Throughout the album, the singer’s voice remains the star of show.  He’s incredibly expressive, exhibiting authenticity, smoothness, and soulfulness.

Something that never goes awry is the voice.  It’s honestly impossible to pick out one performance where he sounds clearly superior to the others – he’s that consistent.

What Soulja is ultimately, is a fine singer-songwriter whose album, “Believe”, is a fitting addition to the modern Soul and R&B tradition. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Soulja doesn’t attempt to reinvent the genre on this album, but instead keep things traditional, classy, and soulful.

Over the course of the 8 tracks, maturity and genuineness are conveyed by the artist. Moreover, doubling down on varied aspects of love and romance, the Soulja has crafted an often truly spectacular set. Clearly, there’s a lot of music in this artist these days, and “Believe” affirms him as a dependable source of quality R&B and Soul, or whatever category you want to place him into.


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