July 21, 2024

Rapper and Chicago native, Eli Ramsey, has dropped his latest single, entitled “Autumn (Freestyle)”. If you like chill sounding music with atmospheric vibes and insightful lyricism, this is pretty perfect. Ramsey is building his sound from what he establishes are the key elements in the game – art, story and song – all translated via honesty, charisma and realness.  He’s got the music for the vibers. We just need to drift along with him, trying to comprehend his grind and responsibility, and the world, same as he does. Ramsey pours out his soul on this project and he’s not scared to show the highest highs nor the burnt out lows of the game. This is a stream of conscious rap that perfectly illustrates his total ability to concentrate on a set of ideas in freestyle mode.

“Autumn (Freestyle)” not only proves Eli Ramsey’s lyrical ability but also proves his mastery of one of the hardest but most important elements of real hip hop: putting your life on record. Here he speaks his mind, telling us his thoughts and feelings, as well as his aspirations.

Ramsey’s music doesn’t showcase aggression and blame; its points it’s finger squarely at itself. He doesn’t try to put his ego on a higher pedestal; rather he puts himself, and the game, eye-to-eye with a mirror and crafts music so relatable that its idea is something sorely missing in much of hip-hop. It feels human.

Behind the excellent production style that fancies itself with dream-like choral harmonization, airy hypnotizing guitars and thudding drums, is the voice of Eli Ramsey. A voice that shoots a steady and captivating clip of syllables throughout the verses.

It helps that the beat is gorgeous, along with the wafting vocals, but the essence of the track lies in Ramsey’s eloquent voice. On this track, Ramsey continues his trend of being wildly introspective and soulful through his music, which is accompanied by thoughtfully analytical verses.

Eli Ramsey exists in a place that is both familiar yet tragically missing in the genre, as he runs the line between a destructive and progressive investigation of the game.

The dream of money and fame that artists work so diligently for is the same medium of destruction the genre suffers from, explains Ramsey in no uncertain terms. This real talk, fuels his addictive personality as he elaborates on all the vices that come with such affliction. It makes for a very compelling listen.

The resulting sound on “Autumn (Freestyle)” creates a melancholic yet comforting melody where Ramsey uses his impactful lyrics to describe his personal standpoint and point himself in the right direction for the future. A track like this leaves one feeling closer to the artist who created it.

Music that is able to elicit emotions out of its listeners is representative of a great body of work. Eli Ramsey is exemplary of the type of young artist that comes too few and far between in hip-hop today; one who cares about his craft, the listeners, and the quality of music he provides them.


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