July 14, 2024

FREMO is a young urban artist based out of Toronto, Canada. He released his first EP called ‘Real Ones’ in 2016 with a single featured on OVO sound radio. He has freshly dropped the single “The Calling” produced by MrDubai. FREMO has plenty of charisma and potential star-wattage, he’s an able lyricist, and his singsong delivery is the kind that penetrates the trap charts. Running through his catalog of audiovisuals it’s clear that he has impeccable taste and unerring musical instincts. Furthermore the quality of his work indicates that he collaborates with people who seem to be on his same page. In short, FREMO creates music that makes your soul leave your body. Every beat switch, instrument infested track, and fusion of sounds brings out the creativity in his style.

“The Calling” is well-engineered and created to see any listener get lost in its smooth groove. It’s no exaggeration to say that from pressing play until the last note, the listener emerges feeling they’ve been on a ride. FREMO sounds like an amalgamation of your artists, prominently showing off flows and cadences that is endearing to the ear.

The way this music seamlessly shifts between rap anthem and melody-driven psychedelia is genuinely thrilling to listen to. FREMO lulls the listener into a state of dreamy euphoria, before the beat evaporates into its two minutes and fifteen seconds.

FREMO’s vocal is less upfront and abrasive than it was on ‘Young’, but it flows more urgently, with a rhyme scheme that is metered to perfection. He delivers his bars on a double edged sword: vulnerability and introspection which tip over into sarcasm and confrontation.

Locked in a sub-genre which is more about vibe than bar-for-bar, FREMO does not ignore the importance of sensible and clever lyricism. He clearly possesses a ton of musical talent, and is cultivating his own area in the underground music sphere.

Featuring dreamy keys and catchy melodic lyricism with a thumping low end, the production and beat design definitely shines throughout. It manages to create a sort of surreal take on hip-hop dripping with atmosphere. Sonically it establishes the wide expanse of the artist’s intentions.

FREMO’s gear-shifting between nostalgic, spacey and menacing vocal nuances, is indicative of his evocative use of language. He’s the full package in that regard, and packs a lot into the track’s short runtime.

FREMO definitely stands out as an artist with a clear aesthetic vision which is supplemented by shining production. “The Calling” is a great single release for him, as it sounds like he’s further on the path towards carving out a clearer voice for himself. It’s an exhilarating track and it’s one to offer more of the same kind of thrills and talent that FREMO has been showcasing in his last few releases.


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