April 11, 2024

When an artist carves out their own sub-genre, it becomes a separate conversation to discuss their work, versus in the larger context of their main genre, regional scene, or music as a whole. However, this experimental and alternative hip-hop artist, and producer named Gp obviously has, and will continue to polarize listeners every bit as much as artists such as Kanye, albeit on a somewhat different level. On one hand you have his more melodic work, where he spends a lot of time doing something similar to singing, but on the other hand you have the rest of his work, consisting of a multi-tone rap style presented with an avant-garde flair. On the current project, “swed (a soundtape)”, he nearly manages to introduce some kind of third element. It seems like he wants to periodically remind us that he can actually rap and sing, in between his more experimental song ideas, and I think the critics support that notion, just as much as the alternative rap scene does.

Another thing he has, is a sort of itch to reference the larger genre of rap as a whole, in humorous or ironic type ways. I feel that this element of twisted humor is the main thing that puts a spring in the heel of this recording. It just seems to snap you into some sort of fever dream of fantastical lyrical imagery.

Gp really nails this odd third element with song titles like “barbie world”, “kissed a thot” and “shake it” which becomes sort of trademark phrases after a while. This seems like an important element to note, because identity is everything in rap music, and Gp totally distinguishes himself with these titles even before you hear a single bar of music.

Going back to the previous elements, me and the critics may not agree on Gp’s vocal parts, but this is what you come to him for. I first thought he was at least cool for being weird, but a playful, tongue in cheek track like “barbie world” is a song that convinced me he was a pop genius, and not just an esoteric rambler.

“swed (a soundtape)” really strikes a nice blend between all three elements. I prefer more of the pseudo singing parts, but the raps here are considerably zany and punchy enough to draw your attention. The hooks are also strong with crazy chord progressions. Out of sheer desperation to describe his style I was trying to compare Gp to other artists, but it’s impossible, as he is totally in his own lane.

A bit sensitive, a little bit tough and a dash more geeky, but if you love post-modern absurdist rap, over new-age inspired beats, then you need to listen to “kissed a thot”. The zany rhyme-styler also brings a stockpile of skills and soaring intellect to “shake it”.

Gp seemingly spits whatever pops into his mind at random and in oddball fashion; however, it’s all well thought out. In every track, he examines the world’s imperfections and the absurdity and oddity of life. He essentially picks up the pieces of all rap forms and makes something totally new and challenging of it.


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