June 21, 2024

Nephew Sam and Gabe Gizz released their latest project titled “Sounds of Elixir” on October 31, 2018. With the hip hop scene currently over saturated with 1 hit wonders, mumbling, and lacking of “new content”, Gabe and Sam bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the scene.

Nephew Sam and Gabe Gizz

“Sounds of Elixir” does a fantastic job of taking you for a “ride” as you listen through it. While not to say these artists are necessarily on the same level, the cohesiveness of the project reminds me of Travis Scott “Astroworld” in the sense of how well the whole project flows together. The project goes through many levels of bringing you up and down like a roller coaster.

A good example of this is with the explosiveness of “Hotel”, a song about having women in a hotel partying, transitions to a smooth and harmonic song “$$$”. The project manages to do this consistently from start to finish with cohesiveness that is not done on many projects anymore.

Gabe Gizz and Nephew Sam experiment with exciting sounds and styles on majority of the tracks that may catch listeners off guard at first, but there is no doubt a song or two on this project that any person could easily enjoy. While these artist may not be the most popular artist in your area (yet), do not be surprised if you start seeing their names more frequently.


Nephew Sam and Gabe Gizz are two hip hop artist based out of Rockford, IL but with music that is reaching more of the world day by day. Gabe Gizz originally from London, UK and Nephew Sam, who is originally from Syracuse, NY both bring a refreshing and unique sound that is much needed to hip hop.

Gabe Gizz
Nephew Sam




Sounds of Elixir can be heard through any streaming service on the following link: https://song.link/StreamTheElixir

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