June 17, 2024

Brooklyn-based singer Dionne Blaize discovered her passion for music at the early age of six while being surrounded by musicians. She then spent her formative years performing in her school’s children’s choir where she crafted her talents. Blending EDM elements with soul, pop, reggae and R&B flavors, Dionne has since gone on to build her momentum which culminated in the release of her latest 12 song album, entitled “Contagious”. Dionne Blaize’s new record is everything great crossover popular music should be. Her bread and butter is her vocal talent, and this album is designed to showcase that in every way possible. If your familiarity with her is only because of her dancehall flavored video single “Green Light”, or the follow-up dance floor banger “Girls Nite” you’ll be in for a treat: these singles aren’t even the best songs on here. In fact, all twelve songs are exquisite; there isn’t a single low moment on the entire release.

From the moment Dionne Blaize’s voice bursts onto the sonic landscape during the album’s opener “Girls Nite” there’s a sense that the record is going to be much more than just a vehicle for this catchy song. Here she shows off her higher register, infused with all the sensuality she’s capable of eliciting, before flipping into an angelic falsetto on the backing vocals, and then plunging back down to her irresistible full-voice belt.

“Intoxicated” another showstopper, is an urgent electro-infused track with an infectious melody and Dionne’s best anthem-inspired amalgamation of sex appeal and dancefloor flirtation. When she flips back and forth seamlessly from verse to chorus, it’s among the most creative and unforgettable moments here.

The transition to the Calypso infused “Free Up”, is stark but perfect. Its exotic percussive rhythm and Dionne’s vocals giving it the foundation to stand out. “Green Light” is tender and gorgeous, riding on a sleek hip-swaying beat.

Dionne’s voice is never more controlled than it is on this song, largely steady and contemplative, only breaking in a few moments for an exultant upper register escapade and the occasional signature belt. Audiences have a lot to look forward to in Dionne Blaize’s career. She’s a remarkably versatile talent who is likely to be a mainstay in the pop and dance scene far beyond this album.

By the time she breaks out in song on the mid-tempo “Partial Love” and “One More Chance”, it becomes clear that she is poised to ascend to the ranks of her more famous peers. “Fever” branches out into an expansive chill out sound before Dionne slides into another standout soulful performance on “Love Come Down”, showing that she is ready for the club and arena-filling scene.

It’s hard to carve out any unique space in the crowded female vocal market, but as the album goes on, running into smooth grooves like “Good Time”, “Love Me”, and finally the tropical pop vibe of “Good Good”, Dionne Blaize sounds less and less like anybody else, more like herself.

In “Contagious”, Dionne shares herself with the world. Her vulnerability, her liberation, and her Grenadian heritage are all showcased through her soaring vocals and sensuous demeanor. Her tonality is flawless, as her resonating vocals flow over burning melodies and banging beats.

Tuneful, to-the-point, and unexpectedly nuanced for a commercial, mainstream record, Dionne’s artistic spin is sanguinely sultry and much more emotionally expressive than one would expect from her genre-blend. Pick up this album if you want to be a part of where the Dionne Blaize career rave begins. This is only the beginning for her as she continues to develop her spicily enticing sound.


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