July 19, 2024

Having traveled the world and carefully crafted his art, reggae artist Kingly T. incorporates a number of genres and uses positive lyrical content to connect with listeners around the world. Now a citizen of the United States, he has brought the reggae sound of Kingston, Jamaica to the mainstream American music landscape.

The musical journey of Kingly T began in Jamaica where he served as lead guitarist for the group known as “Ninja Force”. Kingly T helped modernize the idea of soul and reggae melding with modern pop conventions. During the late 90’s, he spread his unique brand of music around the world and traveled through a number of different countries including Mexico, Japan and the United States.

Flashforward to August 29, 2018 and Kingly T is officially signed by Selective Records. His first release on the label is ‘So Nice’ (September 22), which will be followed by a series of singles to be released by the artist in the near future. Collaborations with other artists is in the works.

In fact, his opening release set to be remixed & will feature the ‘Selective Records’ CEO ‘Antwan Turman’ who is also an artist! It’s quite obvious that Kingly T’s career is transitioning as his goals, fans, & music ascend to new heights.

With great power comes great responsibility & in that light Kingly T is & will be responsible for a lot as his influence grows. ‘Kingly T’ promises to bring positivity to music & is serious about that positivity having an impact on fans/listeners.

This more than exceptional artist is set to set a new bar in the world of Reggae music. We are very honored to assist in & be a part this artists spectacular Journey!

Latest release “My Mind” November 5, 2018 now in stores.

Kingly T is on radio rotation with the tracks:

Song Title: “My Mind”

Song Title: “So Nice”

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