July 23, 2024

Everything that people love about modern spoken word poetry put to music is on this album, entitled “S.C.O.A.P. (SOUL CHAPTERS OF A POETIC)” : powerful lyrical imagery, unique beats, social and cultural  consciousness, incredible replay value, and the list goes on and on. Barz Noble gives us something different than the usual fare in a genre that has long lost its place to cheap mainstream rap fare. With this album, it appears that Barz Noble is bringing back the noble art of the spoken word.  The artist demonstrates that he is one of the most intelligent, creative, and talented active artists in his field out there right now. His lyrics are thoughtful, hard-hitting, and smooth. He’s strikes the perfect balance of depth, craftsmanship and consciousness. Barz Noble uses poetic wordplay and metaphor throughout the album, while the production values are unparalleled. Spread out across the tracks there are also features that spice up the songs with soulful melody, to add an extra dimension to the audio spectrum.

One of the most powerful things about rap and the spoken word is its ability to present complex deeply personal thoughts and feelings. In this album Barz Noble, takes us on a tour through his list of hang-ups and visions in what can only be described as one of the most intense listening experiences this year.

This deeply resonant album showcases both the artist’s unique penchant for wordplay, as well as a vocabulary which could make even the most seasoned writers jealous; it also takes the listener through a deeply personal narrative, almost stream-of-consciousness, which feels so raw and personal that it’s almost impossible not to relate to it in some way.

With exceptional tracks like “Gentle Hearts”, “For Us” ft. Natino, and “Call of Duty” to “Keep it Moving Regardless”, “Time To Let Go” ft.Sketch and “Sevenfold” ft. Ebony Muzik, as well as “Take a Sip” and “Legacy”, the album is an almost overwhelming listening experience because of the sheer power and magnitude of the emotion that Barz Noble conveys through his words.

A one-of-a-kind wordsmith, he is capable of muscling more impressive imagery into a single three minute track than lesser artists manage in entire discographies. He is also extremely capable of stacking syllables on syllables, in a spoken word flow that is smooth yet complex.

The production showcases shimmering keyboards, loping drums and subtle bass lines. But the subtlety and blatancy swirl together in an impressive fashion – a combination that enhances the impact of each element.

S.C.O.A.P. (SOUL CHAPTERS OF A POETIC)” takes this to an enchanting and cohesive new level, where the tones, beats, hooks, and endless variations come off as grounded and immediate. Moreover, Barz Noble has an unmatched ability when it comes to turning common phrases on their head or making seemingly inane subjects fascinating, simply by his impressive lyrical gems.

As an album, the record balances beautifully with the artist’s confidence of perspective and experience. All in All, “S.C.O.A.P. (SOUL CHAPTERS OF A POETIC)” is a huge step forward for the spoken word artist. What listeners are left with is a great project from Barz Noble. He has made a more interesting record than anything you’ll find on the radio today.

CREDITS: Words written by Ricardo Neeley except where noted. All tracks produced (+ instrumentation) by Hashaun Adderley. The Fight co-produced by Todd Marshall co-written by Schvonne Mckinney & Jessie Mcqueen. ‘Keep It Moving Regardless’ co-produced by Zoltan Johnson. ‘Sevenfold’ live horns by Ronald Campbell Jr. Download the album via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Barz Noble on Facebook & Twitter or visit his Website for more information.


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