May 25, 2024

Born in Edmonton, Alberta – Canada, Cips (pronounced Sip’s) is an independent entertainer who has done various showcases and has toured multiple times across Canada and the United States. Cips has also worked alongside various artists in the music Industry such as SayZee (Toronto), Big Trill (New York), Merkules (Vancouver), Stitches (Miami) and many more. He has also opened for Troy Ave, Lil John, Rick Ross, and others. His latest project titled ‘Miami Dreamin’ was completely created, mixed and master in Miami, FL. Whether you’re a fan of his music or not, there’s no denying the incredible power that Cips’ possesses when it comes to urban music.

Taken from the “Miami Dreamin” EP, “Comin for You” is a slower and more thoughtful take on Cips’ standard banging formula and it’s here that we see the singer/rapper make use of both his melodic and rhyming skills. It goes without saying that if you aren’t already a fan of Cips’ take on rap and hip-hop music, then you’re soon going to be one.

Just in time for the holiday season, this track has all the ingredients to be a commercial hit through and through. Through his music, it’s clear that Cips strives to attain a step above his contemporaries by creating potentially untouchable hit-sounding recordings.

Cips has the talent to propel himself towards a much broader audience and label himself a force to be reckoned with in the game. His songs are inescapably euphoric, with powerful vocals, sleek rhymes and catchy hooks. All of which are built upon banging beats.

Of course, Cips also brings tons of explicit material and street creed to the table, which you can savor on tracks like “Break It Down” and “Money Right”. However there’s no denying that he can also make club-friendly hip-hop songs.

Anyone who has been on a dance floor when “Charlie Sheen” is spinning can testify to Cips’ power to get asses moving.

Having said that, “Comin For You” is a different kind of beast. Riding on a smooth and slow banging beat, it is wrapped up in an overflowing hedonistic mindset: “Ima drink my liquor. Ima smoke my weed. Ima do cocaine. Ima sip codeine, cause I don’t give a damn, so neither should you. You better watch out I’m comin’ for you.”

You could explain it all away by arguing that there’s no more honest way to approach the impending extinction of humanity than by encouraging individuals to match the hedonism of the capitalist overlords who are driving us toward death one way or another.

But on the other hand, depending on how you perceive “Comin For You”, this song sounds like it could be more of a warning of the numbing dangers of drugs than it is an invite to abuse them. Whichever way you take this song though, it undeniably grooves.

The beat, the flow, and the vibe is truly captivating. Here Cips has crafted an infectious three minutes and twenty seven seconds, and that’s a wonderful thing unto itself.


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