June 15, 2024

Kim Nain released her debut album “Deal Wid It” on November 23, 2018. This is seen as a major milestone for Kim who has been in the industry a number of years and has now found support via Shelly-Ann Curran from John John Music Group, who manages her, and Dale Virgo from DZL Records. Her music fuses flavors of reggae to dancehall to hip-hop, R&B and trap. With a Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Law Degree under her belt, Kim continues to pursue her true passion. She began recording professionally shortly after graduating from high school and immediately fell in love with the art of crafting music.

Her success largely depends on her (and her production crew’s) keen ear for high-quality hits. Luckily, the majority of the tracks on “Deal Wid It” are gorgeous examples of songs that manage to merge a sense of wistfulness with a stubborn determination to stay rooted on the dancefloor.

Poised, self-assured verses that crack into urgent, confrontational choruses – a heady mix of sheer pop and reggae perfection. This album shines when Kim Nain works in this manner, giving tracks like the opener “Hold On Me” a dynamism that continues to pay off with every repeat play.

When Kim is placed in the spotlight like she is here, she tends to deliver – a truth that probably shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s kept up with her career. Each song on here has its own identity, and Kim epitomizes the best that contemporary pop and urban music has to offer: well-crafted tunes with meaningful messages.

On “Marijuana” she consciously projects a swaggering style that is as much part of the Kim Nain package as the music. This album is a luxurious indulgence, full of soulful vocals and emotionally astute narratives, perfectly exemplified in the title track “Deal Wid It” ft. Destiny Sparta.

The production by Dale Virgo and Troy Baker, distils a broad spectrum of genres into an accessible and captivating record. In the cut-throat, ephemeral realm of mainstream, Kim Nain delivers evidence on both “Roll Up” ft. Agent Sasco and “Need Me” ft. Naomi Cowan that she has the capacity and the willingness to stand out from her contemporaries.

“Needed Your Love” ft. Versi taps into streaming’s insatiable appetite for a pop earworm embellished with glowing electronics, wrapping up the sheer elation of being in love into a rhythmic Caribbean melody. It’s not long before the following track, “Baby” take the reggae template one step further, underpinning a sprawling romance with a rolling bassline, and thumping percussion.

It marks the moment Kim Nain takes flight, within this nostalgic yet refreshing collection of songs that oscillate seamlessly between dancefloor offerings to slower raw pieces which showcases the artist’s performance skills.

Kim’s best vocal performance comes on the emotional slow burner “Walk Away”, which will have you reaching for the replay button more than once. The R&B, Reggae and Dancehall blends of “Love You My Way” Ft. Bugle and “Tempted” Ft. Devin Di Dakta, fulfil all the necessary criteria to easily place Kim Nain among today’s charting divas.

Kim does what she’s great at on this new record and has the support of great features to help her emerge as a top international artist. Honest, polished and with tracks that are varied enough to keep you on your toes, “Deal Wid It” is designed to make Kim Nain shine as brightly as she can. And it succeeds!



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